Product Updates

August 17, 2020

Your grant assessment process just became a lot...

As one of the most time consuming phases of the grant management cycle, you want to streamline your assessment process as much as you can. Our extended features within Enquire...

All In One Software Solution

May 28, 2020

Enquire Cloud Benefits

Make great decisions every day with Enquire, the online Grant Management, Contract Management and Impact Reporting software that people love to use.

Product Updates

April 09, 2020

Add Business Registration Details Easily with Enquire’s ABN...

Enquire's ABN Lookup feature offers grant managers a means to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in registering a business account.

Latest News

February 27, 2020

Everyone can be a Philanthropist

Impact reporting is important way for foundations and not-for-profits to engage with funders and keep them involved. Funders want a more active engagement with their investments and personalised engagement with...

Product Updates

November 29, 2019

Manage Project Payments Easily with Enquire

Now you can forecast payments in Enquire, easily track the dates they are due and record the actual amount received.

Product Updates

October 03, 2019

Targeting Grant Rounds to Applicants

Now you can target grant rounds to applicants automatically with Enquire. Easily and automatically invite applicants to apply directly to a grant round if they meet your qualifications.

Latest News

August 14, 2019

Giving Social Impact Beneficiaries a Voice with the...

Funders want a direct connection to their beneficiaries. This reflects a change in how funders see their role. They want to be more actively engaged with their investments and see...

Product Updates

July 31, 2019

Parallel Assessments on Grant Applications

Enquire’s “parallel assessment” offers grant funders a means to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in assessing grant applications. Multiple assessors can be active and working on assessments in...

Product Updates

June 24, 2019

How to Target Grant Program Funding and Investment...

Utilising Enquire Grant Management software grant managers can directly target qualified organisations for grant program funding. With targeted grant program funding services Enquire helps directly link investor funding to outcomes.

Latest News

June 18, 2019

Using the Sustainable Development Goals to Rally Mainstream...

Social impact managers and organisations can better attract the funding they need, including mainstream investors, by leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrating their results against the SDG indicators.

Latest News

June 10, 2019

Accelerate Your Impact with Tactiv’s AVPN 2019 Special...

Tactiv has a special offer for AVPN 2019 conference attendees and AVPN members. Accelerate your impact with Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact reporting management, plus win our challenge and get...

Latest News

May 12, 2019

Breaking Barriers to Social Impact Investing at AVPN...

Tactiv is a proud Exhibition Sponsor at the AVPN 2019 Conference in Singapore, June 25-28. The conference is the largest social investing event in Asia, focused on ensuring social investors...

Latest News

April 30, 2019

Right Size Your Impact Measures for Successful Reporting

Mission driven organisations need to realistically demonstrate the difference they make. Right sized measures balance the time and cost in reporting while ensuring funders understand their impact.

Product Updates

April 16, 2019

Easy and Quick “At a Glance” Reporting with...

With Enquire's "at a glance" reporting grant program managers can easily and quickly satisfy the information needs of stakeholders with accurate real-time dynamic charts and reports.

Product Updates

March 12, 2019

Target Grant Applicants with Enquire’s New Invitation Only...

Using Enquire grant program managers can invite applicants to private grant funding rounds. Private grant rounds ensure only pre-identified applicants can apply for grant funding using the client portal.

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