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October 07, 2021

A collaborative approach to variation management for your...

Variation management in grantmaking can be encountered in any project, where circumstances surrounding costs, performance or resources change, and require contract adjustment. This can be challenging, especially in email and...

All In One Software Solution

September 20, 2021

ISO 27001 Compliance: Our Commitment to Information Security

Our Commitment to Information Security Tactiv understand that information is at the heart of our business. Information security is one of our top priorities and we are transparent with our...


July 08, 2021

Two pillars of the QLD economy connected for...

As part of the Economic Recovery plan, the Queensland Government launched the The Education Experience Program to support the education sector, whilst also boosting the tourism industry.

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July 02, 2021

Project updates in grant management, hassle-free

Improve collaboration with your applicants and external parties with Enquire’s Project Update feature. Here is how Enquire handles this effectively and how it benefits your grant management process.

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June 24, 2021

Accelerating NZ recovery with more programs and collaboration

Additional budget for economic recovery in New Zealand. It's great! In order to administer this stimulus effectively, there are some considerations. Let's talk about multi-source funding and digitisation.

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May 21, 2021

Tactiv travels, destination: Wellington, New Zealand

We are so excited to be able to travel again and connect in person with our NZ clients and team! We can’t wait to see everyone in Wellington on May...

All In One Software Solution

March 31, 2021

Grant Application Management – Easier and Better

Managing and assessing grant applications is the stage of the grant management process that's most complex. Our continuously evolving software Enquire keeps making the grant application process easier for you.

Product Updates

March 30, 2021

Project status at a glance

Enquire is continuously improving! We are making the software easier to navigate and interpret with key info visible at a glance. Project status is our latest Enquire enhancement.

All In One Software Solution

March 16, 2021

Take your impact reporting to the next level

Impact reporting becomes increasingly important - In government, not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors, but also in corporate industries in the form of corporate social responsibility. Find out how to get better...


February 10, 2021

Wine Australia Grant Program Powered by Enquire

Tactiv is implementing its industry leading Enquire Grantcycle Management software with Wine Australia to support 2 important grant programs.

All In One Software Solution

January 25, 2021

Link project costs to payment milestones

Keeping track of project costs is important. It’s linked to accountability and it can provide valuable insights in performance. It can be tedious for some, but not with Enquire!

Product Updates

January 14, 2021

Increased data analytics with Enquire’s advanced search functionality

Collecting and interpreting data is key to measuring and reporting performance. It provides you with valuable knowledge that underpins informed decision making. Enquire is THE grant management software that helps...

All In One Software Solution

January 06, 2021

6 reasons for using grant management software

Technological solutions make our lives easier. It assists and enables us to focus on the most important aspects of what we do. Grant management software does exactly that.

All In One Software Solution

December 16, 2020

4 common worries when changing grant management system...

Change can be scary. And difficult. But it can also be beneficial. We know there are worries regarding changing grant management systems. We've got you covered.

All In One Software Solution

December 14, 2020

Easy insight with advanced search, filters and management...

With more and more programs, rounds and projects, reporting can be challenging. It’s important to have a clear view of your data and have the ability to see the relationship...

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