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A cloud-based case management solution for reliable and caring service delivery.

User Interface of The Enquire Case Management Solution
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With Enquire Case Management Software your organisation can:

  • Track client requests and service outcomes in one dedicated system.
  • Process large numbers of requests faster with automations and workflows.
  • Configure reports so stakeholders can easily audit service delivery.

Managing Your Client’s Cases Online with Enquire

Provide your clients with the quality of care they deserve with the Enquire Case Management Software Solution. Improve the connection between you and your clients with tools to collect and process requests, communicate transparently, and report on outcomes. Enquire’s full lifecycle management approach ensures no client request goes ignored, with alerts and scheduling features that ensure you and your team deliver quality services without delay.

Enquire Case Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Case Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Case Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Client Orientated Screening and Assessment

Enquire enhances the communication, collaboration and engagement of case managers and their clients. With easy-to-use tools for all parties and a client-focused design philosophy, the software makes collecting, processing, and closing requests faster and easier. Configure client intake forms to collect the information your case management requires.

Case Management System Client Portal User Interface

Streamline the client experience with a dedicated portal.

With a fully configurable, mobile-friendly client portal, your clients can sign on and lodge requests, apply for services, update their information, and submit progress reports quicker than ever before. Guardians, carers, and other third parties can also sign on and access relevant information using the same portal with intuitive UI for to accommodate anyone.

Assess needs faster and collaborate easily with workflows and automations.

Get more done each day and ensure claims are attended to swiftly with configurable workflows. Link assessment steps to user roles to clearly identify who is responsible for progressing a request at any given time. Time management, task delegation and transparency are taken care of.

Connect with clients using notifications, emails, and alerts.

Follow up on incomplete requests by sending forms back to clients to ask for additional information. Notifications, emails, and alerts ensure clients respond quickly to avoid roadblocks in their service delivery request. Comments can be used to enable 2-way interactions between clients and case managers during request assessment.

A Comprehensive Platform for Case Resolution

Never lose sight of your case files again with dedicated document storage. Enquire logically structures your case notes so you can quickly find associated files against client records. Plus, you can easily integrate with your existing financial systems to facilitate fund delivery, and link spending to outcomes.

Centralise your documentation.

Enquire saves and stores documents submitted alongside your clients’ requests with full version history data. Generate documents from templates at the click of a button to manage contracts and enhance administrative efficiency.

Maintain a clear view of client needs.

Eliminate paperwork without compromising oversight with Enquire’s dedicated client management tab. View client case history, correspondence, notes, files, contact details, third-party interaction data and more, as well as their involvement with specific programs.

Integrate with your current financial systems.

Process and schedule payments by connecting Enquire to your current financial system. Monitor spending by associating costs with client requests to show your funders the impact your organisation is making. Enquire also integrates with a range of other enterprise systems.

Case Management System Client Portal User Interface

Data Processes for Impactful Client Outcomes

Scrutiny of the public sector and demand for more effective use of resources means case management must inform performance management and support accountability. Use Enquire to track and manage client interactions, performance and more to achieve impactful and transparent outcomes.

Case Management System Client Portal User Interface

Systematic data capture drives accountability.

Enquire captures data throughout every interaction, assessment, and reporting step. This makes processes fully auditable and individual team members accountable, with time stamps against assessment actions and others, that ensure every action is accounted for.

Track case velocity and export results.

Use the data captured throughout your case management to export reports with a single click. Social workers can measure the speed at which cases are attended to and quickly share summary data on these processes. Reports are fully configurable and can easily share data on any Enquire process – from application to request completion.

Set outcome goals to ensure quality service delivery.

Set goals at an organisational level and measure them with configurable metrics against individual client requests and programs. Compare service delivery across clients to ensure outcomes are fair and consistent. Enquire’s design structures your reporting and enables social workers to show their full impact across various programs.

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