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Make great decisions every day with Enquire, the online Grant Management, Contract Management and Impact Reporting software that people love to use.

The Enquire Cloud is designed for Governments, Not-for-Profits, Corporates and Foundations to provide a secure, enterprise readyapplication that can be used by a couple of people through to thousands.  

Fast benefits Realisation 

Enquire grant, contract and impact reporting software is live, operational and ready to go. There are no delays with software development as Tactiv can provision your tenancy through their secure administration console in minutes. After the agreed configuration and business acceptance the Enquire application will be ready for your use. This reduces the time spent installing and configuring software and will have you up and running quickly.    

There are no hidden costs 

Enquire grant, contract and impact reporting software is licenced through a fee-for-user model and if you require any professional services or implementation support then a  straight forward day rate applies. Designed to provide you with flexibility and predictability, Enquire has a subscription based fee. As a cloud-based software, everyone can access Enquire with just an internet connection. With this structure, there is no need for the deployment of large infrastructure, which eliminates or drastically reduces the upfront commitment of resources.  

No Development Effort  

Enquire has a large range of existing capabilities that are ready for use off the shelf, reducing the time and expenses to specify features. Enquire provides a ready to use, stable and proven grant, contract and impact reporting solution with ongoing innovation and improvement.

Scalability and integration 

Enquire resides on secure cloud infrastructure that is scalable. Compared with traditional on-premise models, users do not have to buy another server or software, as the system will scale automatically. In terms of server capacity planning, Tactiv manage this from back-ups and disaster recovery through flexible and adaptable service provisioning.  

Patching & Maintenance  

The Enquire application is cloud-based and cloud-first. This means when it comes to updating the application and the underlying servers and systems it relies on, we do all the heavy lifting. We have robust solutions in place to support and automate system monitoring and maintenance which makes the administration of Enquire quick and easy, freeing up your business and IT teams. 

If you have any questions about the Enquire Cloud, contact Tactiv Client Services today.

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