Takes the risk out of digital transformation from traditional platforms.

Enquire offers a highly configurable, full lifecycle solution delivered out of the box, that improves the administration, data quality, compliance and reporting capability for publicly funded programs.

Configuration and Consulting Services

Tactiv has designed Enquire to respond to complex business challenges, community demands and supporting transparency.

Constantly evolving expectations, new business challenges and the demand to rapidly respond shape Tactiv’s Enquire solution platform.

As a platform Enquire eliminates the need for custom development, but does not restrain organisations from addressing their business requirements.

Configurability has been built into Enquire, so that out of the box our clients can immediately address program demands, implement business processes and improve data, reporting and administration.

Enquire configurability is incorporated into the platform at every level, including Enquire’s 30+ feature modules.

Clients can configure the solution to their needs through their own administration portal, or engage Tactiv consultants to assist.

Our analysts are specialists in working with client teams to workshop, assess requirements, develop and deliver customised project implementation plans as well as support ongoing client relationships.

Self-configurable, no code, or help when you need it.

Tactiv works directly with clients, or with our delivery partners, to ensure each implementation is exactly the right fit with the functionality required and desired. Talk to us about your requirements.

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