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Report on outcomes and results across your funding programs to show stakeholders your full impact with ease.

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With Enquire Impact Reporting Software your organisation can:

  • Set, track and measure indicators against impact goals and frameworks.
  • Capture and communicate data across your entire funding portfolio.
  • Automate impact reporting and analysis for your grant, scholarship and CSR programs.

Understanding Your Impact with Enquire

Enquire Impact Reporting software streamlines reporting so your team can make informed decisions, communicate results, and prove social impact outcomes with ease.

Enquire’s impact reporting platform is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-For-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Impact Reporting Lifecycle Process Diagram
Impact Reporting Lifecycle Process Diagram

Set Targets and Establish Impact Goals

Your data tells your story — that’s why it’s critical to deliver clarity and provide results to funders and social investors. With accurate and meaningful data, your team can demonstrate exactly how your performance is contributing to the growth of your organisation’s mission, your impact investors’ goals, and most importantly your community’s needs.

With easy-to-use no code configurability, it’s simple to define your performance assessment and evaluation criteria. Align your funding and service delivery with your CSR commitments or mission statement, and a range of impact goals.

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Establish short, medium, and long-term objectives.

To understand your impact, you must start at the beginning. With Enquire, establish goals at the start of your programs. Then apply indicators to the projects beneath these programs and measure outcomes using reporting dates to track progress over time.

Configure your performance evaluation criteria.

Consistency is key when assessing impact. Easily stay on track by creating your own configurable performance evaluation indicators to make tracking and monitoring your progress simple and repeatable.

Define results and progress reporting indicators.

Ensure your team and external stakeholders are focused on what matters. Clearly outline your program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) so all activities are aligned around a common mission.

Align Programs and Projects to Your Objectives

When projects are aligned with goals, everyone wins. Enquire uses a portfolio-program-project hierarchy to simplify how you capture data and results from a single project or multiple programs. You can connect relationships within and across these tiers to ensure you capture data and results for a holistic view that demonstrates the purpose and performance of your philanthropic or CSR programs.

Align program reporting with your mission.

Capture impact holistically. Enquire’s intuitive interface offers a portfolio-program-project hierarchy that ensures project outputs correspond with program targets so that outcomes align throughout your funding portfolio. This enhanced visibility makes it easy to compare projects and maintain oversight.

Connect project reporting outputs to inform program KPIs.

By connecting your project reporting outputs to KPIs, you ensure your reports are delivering the data needed to keep performance management up to date and relevant to wider program goals.

Collect and validate outcome data from across all relationships.

Enquire enables you to engage with stakeholders for streamlined outcome reporting. External users can log on and report against your indicators from anywhere with an internet connection. Your team can then easily request amendments before validating the data in system, automatically updating your existing records.

Impact Reporting System Client Portal User Interface

Monitor and Measure Performance

Real-time performance measurements help your organisation prove its impact. With the ability to accurately monitor and track progress, you can proactively manage the performance of your funded projects, contract milestones and (CSR) program outcomes.

Enquire empowers social impact programs to capture and manage data more efficiently. With everything in one clear view, you’re no longer left pulling together disparate data from various systems, files, and emails.

Impact Reporting System Client Portal User Interface

Build our own progress reports and field surveys.

Create and publish your own reporting templates with Enquire’s simple-to-use form builder. Standardise reports and create surveys, configure your business-specific data fields, and reconfigure templates on the fly to stay up to date with your requirements.

Set progress reporting dates and automate alerts.

Never miss another important date. Align the critical information your fund managers and social investors need with detailed progress reporting schedules and automatic alerts to keep everyone on track.

Integrate geo-location reporting to inform results.

Bring your progress reporting to life with innovative geo-location mapping. Interrogate and overlay data to provide a visual context to inform reporting to understand location-based impacts and community needs.

Collaborate and Extend Your Reach

Your organisation’s impact grows faster the closer your and your stakeholders are working together. Enquire offers internal teams a shared dashboard as well as an online branded client portal for external stakeholders. The platform allows you to securely manage access and roles for all users, retrieve progress reports and configure processes to notify delivery partners of information needs. Enquire’s client portal allows funding recipients to report against their contractual agreements, while program managers can provide feedback on their performance, outputs, outcomes, and financials.

Secure online access for all stakeholders.

Enquire’s client portal is designed to extend your reach beyond your team and toward your partners, suppliers, investors, and community stakeholders. These external users can all access the same system, at the same time, anywhere with any device.

Targeted data for reporting.

Centralise and streamline data capture with reporting forms that only require the information you need. Provide read only contextual information to reporting partners to enhance their understanding while removing the inefficiencies of ad hoc reporting.

Share feedback and learnings.

Engage all parties securely for a better collaborative approach. Enquire allows you to capture reporting comments, questions, and interactions so you can easily share complete response information, keeping everyone up to date.

Impact Reporting System Client Portal User Interface

Transparently Report Impact Results

With Enquire, your team benefits from built-in compliance for respected international measurement frameworks, like GIIN, IATI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to back up your contributions. Implement ESG and other sustainability metrics into your reporting and place your organisation at the forefront of social impact measurement. Reporting templates are simple to use with Enquire’s “no code” configurability. You’ll be able to search and filter across all enterprise data and respond to reporting demands as they emerge.

Impact Reporting System Client Portal User Interface

Track, log and support compliance and auditability.

Enquire captures all user activity, data changes, submissions and interactions to ensure you can transparently and efficiently support audit and compliance demands. Show funders and other stakeholders how you responsibly manage funds to ensure repeat funding.

Align to best practice frameworks for impact investment assessment.

Connect your results reporting to best practice reporting frameworks. Support reporting needs for international commitments and ensure your investors can make assessments that support their needs.

Communicate and report ESG and SDG impact results.

Improve your ability to communicate your ESG and SDG impact to all external stakeholders so you can grow your social impact investments and gain access to new funding opportunities through your sustainability efforts.

Manage Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy

Enquire is a perfect solution for corporate philanthropy, acting as a central hub for your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and reporting. Establish indicators to track specific environmental, social and governance goals and metrics, and share these outcomes with your stakeholders. Whether you need to track funding on for-purpose projects, staff outcomes or other CSR requirements, Enquire can be implemented to streamline and enhance the corporate social responsibility and environmental management at your organisation.

Go beyond the dollars to show your full impact.

Link your CSR funding to tangible outcomes by tracking expenditure against project records. Roll up reporting to the CSR program level to show stakeholders and the public the full scope of your various CSR activities.

Self-configure your organisation’s corporate social responsibility matrix.

Understand the full scope of how your corporate social responsibility functions in the workplace by creating indicators to measure specific goals for good governance. Indicators can be used throughout your portfolio making it easier to implement a holistic triple bottom line CSR strategy using readily available frameworks or your own metrics.

Corporate social responsibility reporting for all stakeholders.

With configurable reporting forms, smart search filters, and scheduling, you can craft the right report for every stakeholder. Boost staff morale by showing your organisation’s impact and earn repeat funding from social impact investors with fully auditable CSR accounting throughout your portfolio.

Impact Reporting System Client Portal User Interface

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