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User Interface of The Enquire Lifecycle Management Platform

The Enquire platform is a cloud-based, full lifecycle management solution

Enquire is designed to reduce the administrative burden of doing good, while increasing your capacity to deliver social outcomes. It provides enterprise business process capabilities to the government, not-for-profit, philanthropic, and social impact sectors.

Enquire Lifecycle Management System Project Management Interface

End-to-end lifecycle management

Enquire unifies your lifecycle management with purpose-built capabilities to maximise efficiencies and streamline business processes throughout your organisation. Manage online submissions, e-forms, workflows, document processes, notifications, and BI reporting all in one cloud-based system.  

Configuration over coding

Enquire is a fully featured off-the-shelf lifecycle management solution that is adaptable and configurable to your unique and changing business requirements. Configure forms, reports, email notifications and more to your business needs, and update them on the fly to generate contracts, letters, correspondence, and other essential documentation in just a few clicks. Use bulk actions to drive faster outcomes throughout your programs. 

Advanced online submissions with e-forms

Ignite impact with an efficient, user-friendly experience that saves time for everyone, and ensures you have the exact information you need to make smarter funding decisions. With a fully configurable and branded client portal, external users can save and return to their applications, submissions, and other forms, and attach essential documents in a range of file types.  

Workflows for collaborative business process management

Stage-based project management has never been more collaborative or accessible. Connect your team and stakeholders to collaborate with comment-enabled workflows, notifications, emails and alerts, and milestone tracking. Role-based permissions give everyone access to the documents they need – including readymade templates.  

Milestones and financial features

Enquire makes it easy to track and schedule funding allocations while delivering outcomes. User-defined roles and bulk actions allow you to deliver on deadlines without compromising oversight. Keep tabs on all financial data in one easy view, including your suppliers, amounts, cost breakdowns and key dates. Integrate with your financial system to easily release outgoing payments and track how they are spent by linking project costs to payment milestones.  

Integrated reporting warehouse capabilities

Enquire’s Reporting Warehouse lets you gain insights and understand your impact by collecting and integrating essential data with configurable reporting indicators across the entire lifecycle. Enquire’s smart search and filters, milestone tracking, and enterprise level analysis capabilities give you a full line of sight across your entire portfolio at any time, providing a fully auditable and transparent system for fund and project management. 

Enquire Lifecycle Management System Project Management Interface
Enquire Lifecycle Management Process Diagram
Enquire Lifecycle Management Process Diagram

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The Enquire difference

End to end lifecycle management

Enquire connects the dots throughout your lifecycle management with purpose-built processes to keep your programs running smoothly – from application, to assessment, to acquittal. With a powerful e-form builder to collect the information you need and business process workflows to speed up processes such as project reviews, document management and client reporting, Enquire makes end-to-end project delivery a breeze.

Configurable and scalable

Enquire is adaptable and configurable to changing business processes and battle-tested to get your programs off the ground fast, scaling up and down based upon your organisational requirements. Configure templated notifications, workflows and automations to streamline your programs and maximise their efficiency – reducing the time, money and effort of developing project assets.

User-centric cloud solution

Enquire’s cloud based no-code design and simple interface account for a range of end users – from program managers to non-profit staff and applicants. With access split between an internal management portal and external client portal, intuitive navigation is baked into every function and Enquire’s forward facing design supports all users as they complete their applications, reports and assessments.

Outstanding reporting capabilities

Take complete control of the narrative around your organisation’s impact with configurable and targeted reporting indicators. Enquire was purpose-built to effectively communicate how funding is spent in government and for-purpose programs – going beyond the dollars by linking costs to tangible outcomes that our users define. We enable organisations to tell compelling stories about the good they do, helping them secure future funding to expand their impact and deliver greater community outcomes.

Enhanced collaboration

Understanding the relationship between funding organisations and their applicants, Enquire supports all users to get more done together. Scheduled or automated notifications, workflow comments, and emails and alerts streamline communication with beneficiaries and stakeholders for complete transparency. Roles-based permissions and auto-reconciling information increases auditability and data accuracy.

Best practice standards

Enquire practices a collaborative and involved working relationship with our clients, resulting in 15+ years of client feedback-based and industry best practice development. We simplify all of the complex client-facing processes that create bottlenecks throughout the project lifecycle, rather than applying patchwork updates to individual processes like most overspecialised prosumer vendors.

Do more with integrations

Enquire is adaptive and ready to use with your existing systems, including Microsoft Office and other tools. With financial management and additional integrations, a natively responsive design ensures users can access all their information they need across mobile, tablet and desktop from their web browser.

Full support and training

Training comes customised to your organisation’s needs either in-house or web-based. You can request training as part of the Enquire program implementation or on an as-needed basis. Support is available 24/7 through the Tactiv Client Support services help desk. Software upgrades are included with standard support. 

Agility to meet every challenge


Administer high volume programs in less time with Enquire – accurately, coherently and securely – all at the same time. 


Lighten the burden of processing submissions with bulk actions to remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies by implementing Enquire. 


When immediate action is required, Enquire enables stakeholders to adapt with our configurable and scalable solution. Enquire changes with you.


Mitigate the difficulties of reporting and collaborating throughout the lifecycle of any project with Enquire for reliable, searchable and verifiable data.

Key features

Enquire makes managing funded projects and impact reporting easy with a wide range of ready to use no-code features that streamline administration, improve program visibility and automate reporting management.

Enquire’s benefits

Reduce risk

  • A single source of truth to avoid disparate systems and information​
  • Improve auditability and governance
  • Save time

  • Configurable business process workflows increase efficiency​
  • Outcome reports in a single click
  • Improve collaboration

  • Comment enabled workflows with external access
  • Notifications, emails and alerts drive action and engagement​
  • Increase investment

  • Transparent business processes and consolidated reporting​
  • Share outcomes with stakeholders to increase year on year funding
  • Reduce risk

    A single source of truth to avoid disparate systems and information​

    Improve auditability and governance

    Save time

    • Configurable business process workflows increase efficiency
    • Outcome reports in a single click

    Improve collaboration

    Comment enabled workflows with external access

    Notifications, emails and alerts drive action and engagement

    Increase investment

    Transparent business processes and consolidated reporting

    Share outcomes with stakeholders to increase year on year funding

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