Streamline administration, take control and grow visibility.

Enquire is a cloud based SaaS system that delivers advanced business process optimisation, streamlines community engagement and takes the risk out of digital transformation.

It is a highly configurable, enterprise strength, platform that transforms administration, data quality, compliance and reporting for publicly funded spending programs.

Flexible and configurable lifecycle management software for publicly funded program management.

Streamline, management and change program and workflow requirements through self-configuration rather than custom coding.

The Enquire platform is a highly configurable, enterprise-grade cloud based contract, grant and program management solution that provides a modern user experience and integrates with other commonly used enterprise and core business systems.

Enquire Features

Enquire offers a wide range of integrated features to streamline administration and improve lifecycle management.

Four “S” Future

As a platform we designed Enquire to be Simple, Secure, Stable and Sociable.

Government agencies, not for profit organisations and other service delivery partner must do more with less, deliver results and maintain transparency. Single purpose software packages, disparate systems, paper based processes and poor data management cost valuable time and money.

Enquire addresses these issues to helps clients:

  • Dramatically reduce the risk of digital transition
  • Satisfy security, compliance, accountability and audit requirements
  • Provide data to inform program design and evaluation
  • Offer a modern user experience that staff and clients enjoy using
  • Link to other enterprise solutions
  • Tranform and optimise business processes

Administration, Management and Client Portals

The Enquire platform is composed of three key fully integrated portals.

The portals provide important separation of critical data and functionality to the required needs of either internal staff and external users. Every user only gets access to what they need to do their job.

  • Enquire Administration Console – an easy-to-use interface for configuring Enquire, access and roles
  • Enquire Management Portal – allows teams to manage business processes and engagements through their entire lifecycle.
  • Enquire Client Portal – a branded portal to engage external suppliers, clients, vendors or applicants.


Each solution provides a deep level of capability and functionality to meet every business requirement.

Data can be customised, workflows and templates built as needed and reporting scheduled and automated.

Local administrators can manage all settings, users and customisations. And each solution is fully integrated and expandable to ensure governments can grow, adapt and respond to new and emerging needs.

Tactiv provides services to help configure Enquire to meet business requirements, and offers training services so clients can configure and manage their solution.

The Tactiv Service Desk provides support and help when needed.



Seamless integration for end-to-end impact.

Organisations are driving improvements by removing administrative blockages and ensuring their systems are sociable with others.

Tactiv’s Enquire actively supports integration to other key enterprise finance, ERP and document management solutions, as well as a wide range of micro services and third party tools.

Enquire offers its own API to support a two-way relationship to deliver the maximum benefit from streamlining administration, data and user interaction.

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