A Guide to Enhancing Efficiencies with Fund Management Software

Are you looking to get more done with less throughout your funding programs? This guide contains the features you should be looking for in a lifecycle management system. 

It also demonstrates how real-world leading government, philanthropic and not-for-profit organisations have reduced their administrative overheads while improving transparency and collaboration between all stakeholders throughout the entire funding lifecycle.

A Guide to Levelling Up Local Government Processes with Enquire

Digitise and do more with less to drive more efficient, strategic, and impactful community programs with a fund management system purpose-built for the public sector. This guide explores how Enquire’s accessibility and transparency is connecting individuals and community groups with programs to make local councils, shires, and cities more productive. 

Explore the full range of easy-to-use features to enhance your organisation’s service delivery from application to assessment, award to acquittal.

Guide to System Integrations with Enquire

Enquire is social, offering a wide range of integrations to your critical business systems.

It’s critical your key business systems work together in order to make your grant, contract and impact reporting as seamless and efficient as possible. Enquire was designed to be social so it can be integrated with a wide variety of business systems, including finance, HR and others.

Our guide provides some of the key systems we have experience in integrating with Enquire. It’s by no means exhaustive, so if you have questions about others integrations, talk to us.

Guide to Transforming Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting with Enquire

Your digital transformation starts with Enquire.

Organisations face a lot of choices and changes when they modernise their grant management, contract management and impact report software. Our guide helps you know what to expect and plan for the future.

At Tactiv we have been working in the government, not-for-profit and impact sectors for 12+ years. Working directly with our clients we have developed a deep understanding of the stages and steps to successfully realising benefits from a digital transformation and how organisations can best manage the change.

Guide to Managing Portfolios, Programs and Projects in Enquire.

Find out how Enquire supports a Portfolio-Program-Project hierarchy

Enquire is unique in the sector – it is the only software solution that recognises the portfolio-program-project hierarchy. This critical difference is important in managing funding and reporting on impact. The flexibility of the hierarchy provides our government and other clients an advantage in managing their programs.

Our portfolio-program-project capability vastly streamlines administration so you can manage multiple projects, support one or more programs and deliver results to one or more portfolios.

You are in good company

The Enquire difference

End-to-end lifecycle management

Enquire connects all stakeholders to one central source of information for exceptional lifecycle management with seamless submissions, assessments, fund management and outcome reporting. With a powerful e-form builder to collect the information you need from your applicants and clients, and business process workflows to speed up processes such as project reviews, document management and client reporting, Enquire makes end-to-end project delivery a breeze. 

Configurable and scalable

Enquire’s off-the-shelf lifecycle management software comes with templated notifications, workflows, and automations. Its configurable design allows for effortless adaptation to your specific organisational needs. Output tracking and native reporting make it easy to assess project outcomes so that each funding round exceeds its last iteration – and your stakeholders’ expectations.  

User-centric cloud solution

There’s no need to install and maintain software on site. Enquire fund managers, applicants, clients, contractors, and assessors all have access to an optimal experience from the cloud. With access split between an internal management portal and an intuitive client portal for external parties, Enquire provides everyone involved in your projects with the tools they need to maximise impact.  

Outstanding reporting capabilities

A configurable, cloud-accessible platform makes reporting on project outcomes easy and intuitive. Gather outcome data from external parties using instant notifications and mobile-friendly e-forms. Automated reporting capabilities and handy search filters assure you of reporting that is timely, accurate and insightful. With all information in one well-structured place, you can demonstrate your impact to stakeholders with ease, with a range of one click reports.  

Enhanced collaboration

Internal and external stakeholders will be able to collaborate on Enquire’s cloud-based platform. Scheduled or automated notifications, workflow comments, and emails and alerts streamline communication with beneficiaries and stakeholders for complete transparency. Roles-based permissions keep online accessibility clear and auto-reconciling information increases data accuracy and auditability.  

Best practice standards

Enquire practices a collaborative and involved working relationship with our clients, resulting in 15+ years of client feedback-based development. You will recognise and appreciate the industry best practice that enables all users to remain focused on outcomes of each program during your grant, scholarship, case, or fund management.  

Do more with integrations

Enquire is adaptive and ready to use with your existing systems, including Microsoft Office and other tools. With financial management and additional integrations, a natively responsive design ensures users can access all their information they need across mobile, tablet and desktop from their web browser.  

Full support and training

Training comes customised to your organisation’s needs either in-house or web-based. You can request training as part of the Enquire program implementation or on an as-needed basis. Support is available 24/7 through the Tactiv Client Support services help desk. Software upgrades are included with standard support. 

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