Everyone can be a Philanthropist

Impact reporting is important way for foundations and not-for-profits to engage with funders and keep them involved. Funders want a more active engagement with their investments and personalised engagement with beneficiaries. Using software that can support and link funders and beneficiaries will empower the relationship.

Over the last few years we have seen in Australia how the community turns out in times of strife to help each other. Not only as volunteers, whose efforts are amazing, but also nearly every Australian opens their bank accounts and helps as they can.

We have seen large amounts raised to help in community times of need. It shows that everyone can be a philanthropist, you don’t need to be super wealthy. Systems and processes to assist people to give have sprung up and have helped this become part of our lives.

We want to make a difference

New ways of giving are easy and quick. We at Tactiv have noticed that people who are giving so generously are now asking how they can be more involved in the process. We have been building a solution that will link funders and philanthropists, and beneficiaries in a way that has not been possible before.

In most cases it is the foundations or not-for-profit delivery organisations that engage with funders to tell them what has happened with their money through impact reporting, and this is important. Impact reporting is focused on reporting against common standards such as sustainable development goals and should now be business as usual and demanded by all funders.

However what we are seeing more and more, is that funders have greater expectations and want to see and hear how their collaboration and funding, no matter how big or small, has made a difference in someone’s life, reduced their suffering or helped get communities back on their feet. This is very personal and is not impact reporting.

The Enquire approach

At Tactiv we have been building on the Enquire system’s leading capability to provide impact reporting. We have also developed an approach to allow philanthropists to link directly with the beneficiaries in a way not possible before. It allows funders to collaborate to make a difference they could not make on their own.

The platform will also be used to help NFPs to reduce the incredible waste that current processes creates through requiring them to make multiple applications to multiple funders with multiple requirements. The platform will help by getting the great work they do and their programs in front of funders.

At Tactiv we are working to build systems that will support social and environmental good through supporting better access to funding, less waste in the giving and seeking of funding, better measurement of impact and personalising outcomes.

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