08 Jul 2021

Two pillars of the QLD economy connected for mutual benefit by the The Education Experience Program

As a response to the devastating effects of COVID-19, a program launched connecting tourism and education - two sectors hit severely by the pandemic. For this $1M initiative the Queensland...

All In One Software Solution

24 Jun 2021

Accelerating NZ recovery with more programs and collaboration

By Tracey Gosling Recently the New Zealand Government revealed its annual budget with promises of billions of extra funding to be allocated towards housing, healthcare, education and infrastructure as well...

All In One Software Solution

25 Jan 2021

Link project costs to payment milestones

The process of keeping track of costs is important for many reasons. Above all, any business, not-for-profit or not, needs to be financially viable. Monitoring expenses gives insights. Insights in...

Product Updates

14 Jan 2021

Increased data analytics with Enquire’s advanced search functionality

Enquire is a complete and integrated grant, contract and impact reporting tool. The software holds an abundance of critical and valuable data. This enables program managers to easily aggregate data...

All In One Software Solution

14 Dec 2020

Easy insight with advanced search, filters and management reports

In Enquire, we have now made it easier to display the data you need in the global project search. Where it was already possible to filter on certain data within...

Latest News

30 Apr 2019

Right Size Your Impact Measures for Successful Reporting

Grant program managers understand the deep connection funders have to helping them achieve their mission. The challenge for grant program managers is how they can demonstrate their impact so funders...

Latest News

10 Dec 2016

GovInnovate 2016: Transforming Service Delivery in Government

Government organisations in Australia, and worldwide, are facing increasing demands from the public and other stakeholders to engage digitally, in real-time and interactively. At the same time government departments and...

Latest News

25 Jul 2016

The Go-to Service Provider for Grant, Contract and Project Management Software

Enquire Grant Management was recently featured in the APAC CIO Outlook, Issue July 22-2016 magazine vendor special on leading project management solutions, in recognition of its leadership and specialisation in...

Latest News

15 Nov 2015

Digital Service Expectations Means Online Grant Program Management

The Australian Government recently released the Transformation Index Monitor Baseline report, which measured the mood of the Australian community towards digital service delivery. The survey found that individuals want to...

Latest News

21 Jul 2015

Program Management Delivered with Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) delivers program management capability though an online system that recognises the differences between program management and project management. Program management encompasses a range of projects...


12 Jun 2015

International Aid Program Chooses Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Tactiv’s Enquire contract, grant and program management solution was recently selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) New Zealand as a core aid management system to support New Zealand’s...

Latest News

23 Jul 2014

5 Ways Enquire Project Portfolio Management Helps You Stay in Control of Program Management

Here are 5 Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) features that will make a difference to you and your organisation's program management: 1) Program and project hierarchy Enquire Project Portfolio Management...

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Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting across our 3 easy-to-use online solutions. 

  • Publish and administer online grant applications online
  • Manage grant contracts, projects and relationships
  • Report on grant status, budgets, milestones and impacts
  • Online contract repository for all contract documents
  • Generate contracts, set alerts and track contract status
  • Automate reporting, renewals and milestone tracking
  • Set and track plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Collaborate externally, capture data and communicate
  • Grow investment and improve investor relations

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