Parallel Assessments on Grant Applications

Enquire’s “parallel assessment” offers grant funders a means to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in assessing grant applications. Multiple assessors can be active and working on assessments in parallel, using enquire's powerful workflow management capabilities.

Grant funders undertaking applicant assessment processes once grant submissions have closed face demanding timelines and often significant volumes of applications.

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Assessments are usually made by multiple assessors. These assessors are required to review each submission individually to progress the application to approval and award. Often the process involves engaging internal and external assessors, meaning it can take a lot of time and coordination.

Enquire’s “parallel assessment” offers grant funders a means to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in this critical process. Utilising parallel assessments Enquire reduces the time spent on processing submissions as participants are not dependent on a linear process, requiring them to wait while another completes their assessment.

Enquire facilitates assessments concurrently, so multiple assessors can be assessing submissions at the same time. Funders can enable parallel assessment to take advantage of parallel assessment and benefit from multiple assessments in three easy steps.

Enquire Parallel Assessment Workflow

1. Invite the external participants to register on the Enquire Client Portal.
2. Enable Parallel Assessment for your grant funding round and assign the participants to their assessment steps
3. Start the assessment for the grant application

Enquire’s multiple assessment means grant funders still retain all the quality benefits from engaging in a thorough and critical assessment process. All applications need to be assessed, moderated and quality checked.

How To Manage Grant Assessment in Enquire

Parallel assessment keeps the business process moving to achieve the outcomes quickly so the grant funding lifecycle can move on to awarding and delivery.

If you have questions on how you can improve your assessment workflow contact Tactiv Client Services today!

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