Target Grant Applicants with Enquire’s New Invitation Only Access

Using Enquire grant program managers can invite applicants to private grant funding rounds. Private grant rounds ensure only pre-identified applicants can apply for grant funding using the client portal.

Using Enquire program managers can invite applicants to private grant funding rounds.

Private grant rounds ensure pre-identified applicants can be nominated to apply for grant funding using the client portal.

Controlling who has access to apply for grant funding reduces administration time spent withdrawing ineligible applications and allows organisations to target grant funding to meet specific program goals.

This approach allows greater flexibility in working and targeting organisations who have proven track records in delivering specific outcomes that align to your program objectives.

Invite applicants to a private funding round in 3 easy steps.

1. Add applicants as a member to a panel.

Panels are used as a collection of members grouped to support different initiatives, such as ICT supplier panels, research institutes or local not-for-profit organisations. Members can either be businesses or individuals.

2. Setup an Invitation only event within your Funding Round

Setup the invitation only event to display all the information required to assist applicants with their application. By selecting the invitation option, applications can only be made by invitees.

3. Invite panel members to the private round.

Select a Panel for your private round, where only members of the selected panel will be able to apply for the private grant round.

Where required, grant round managers can also send an ad-hoc invitation to specific individuals or businesses.

Private grant rounds are an excellent solution to make funding available to specific set of eligible clients in turn reducing administration costs and effort spent handling ineligible applications. Organisations can become more targeted in their approach to achieve specific outcomes.

If you have any questions about private events, contact Tactiv Client Services today!

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