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With Enquire Sourcing & Contract Management Software your organisation can:

  • Access complete project data from anywhere with a fully cloud-based system. 
  • Self-configure templates for forms, offer letters, contracts and more.
  • Enhance efficiencies with payment processing, contract milestones and reporting.

Managing Your Entire Contract Lifecycle and Document Library with Enquire

Enquire Contract Management software gives your organisation complete visibility, a single point of data access, alerts, and automations to improve funding and reporting document management.

Enquire Contract Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Sourcing Contract Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Sourcing Contract Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Centralise Contract Data

Centralising your contract data is the first step to improving security, access, control and visibility on contracts and contractual obligations. With an online contract repository, a contract manager can reduce risk by working from a single source.

By centrally storing and managing contracts online, Enquire brings order and organisation to the entire contract lifecycle. You can deliver contract visibility and eliminate siloed files across systems and in emails with a contract management process that is secure and accessible.

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

Centrally store, manage and create contracts.

Bring all contracts together in a single contract repository. With centralised documents, your organisation gets better data visibility making it simple to source information.

Securely capture contract data for any document.

With contracts centralised, your library is a secure repository where you can capture data that you need to manage your contracts. Review document version history data for audit purposes and download files as you need them

Generate contracts and letters of offer.

Enquire integrates with Microsoft Word so your team and other users can quickly and easily interact, collaborate and generate contracts using templates that you can easily update on the fly.

Automate Alerts and Reporting

Make contract lifecycle management easy and responsive with proactive capabilities like automated workflows, automatic alerts and reporting notifications for external users. Manage key dates and obligations and reduce administrative overheads by automating alerts with Enquire’s Online Contract Management Software. Working from readily available data from your online contract repository, you can improve contractual relationships with suppliers while enhancing financial management and milestone progress reporting.

Set and track alerts on key contract dates with automations and alerts.

Never miss an important date again with automated notifications for milestones, contract obligations and renewals. Set and schedule notifications for yourself, your team, and other stakeholders to track contract progress.

Contract automation for new and existing contracts.

Improve communications with partners, suppliers, social impact investors, and other stakeholders with automated reporting. Configure information and schedules and let Enquire’s automation take care of the rest.

Engage external stakeholders and track interactions with contract workflows.

With Enquire’s document processing workflows you gain greater control over your interactions with external parties. With time-stamped comments and document version history auditability, you can report on exactly when and what was said and submitted throughout your contracting.

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

Monitor Payments and Contract Milestones

Reduce risks and improve decision-making every day with complete visibility over payment obligations and contract milestones. Enquire provides unparalleled control of funding allocations, budgets, financial forecasts, and payment milestones with ERP integration support. Track performance across contracts so you and your team can manage and administer delivery by milestones, agreements, organisations, due dates, and status.

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

Manage the contract process from funding, budgets, and payments.

Don’t miss out on important funding information or payment deadlines. Enquire provides robust and easy-to-use financial services for monitoring and managing budgeting and payments in real time.

Build your own contract schedules.

Easily configure standard or fit-for-purpose contract schedules. Connect related schedules to drive fully integrated capabilities for managing payments, so you stay ahead of financial obligations.

Gain a global view of upcoming milestones.

Track and report on upcoming milestones for a single contract, a program, or all contracts. With accurate and up-to-date visibility on milestones, you can manage your resources, improve planning forecasts, and make informed decisions.

Manage External Suppliers and Workflows

Engage with external suppliers and contractors directly through Enquire’s client portal. You’ll save time and effort by centralising all engagements to eliminate duplication and risks. Streamlining administration with online processes helps to avoid bottlenecks, workarounds and lost data. With a complete view of your contract management system, you can ensure good governance, compliance and delivery are supporting your capacity to achieve your mission.

Easily configure no-code contract workflows.

Create and publish your own flexible templates and configurable workflows for all contract types. Generate complete contracts, offer letters, statements of work and other documentation with the click of a button.

Engage with external parties through the client portal.

Extend your reach beyond your team to other business areas, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders with secure access and roles. Enquire’s web-based client portal connects all parties to the same system for a shared source of truth from anywhere with an internet connection.

Track and monitor a contract renewal, electronic signature, or comments.

Deliver transparency and trust across all contract activity with a full audit trail of negotiation and complete compliance. Access version history logs with upload dates recorded against each file and download older items as required.

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Deliver deep insights and business intelligence to improve decision-making, fund management and contract authoring. Enquire helps you get ahead of issues and risks with proactive progress monitoring and reporting. With Enquire’s real-time analytics, you can optimise decision-making and keep your focus on delivering more positive outcomes. Enquire eliminates the lag in decision-making by notifying users when data is uploaded and ready to be actioned.

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

Manage and customise contract master data.

Focus on the data that matters to you. Enquire comes preconfigured with standard data fields, plus it offers flexible no-code configurability so you can define and customise any additional data you need.

Search, interrogate and analyse contract data.

Find everything you need quickly. Enquire’s powerful search allows you to manage and search all contracts centrally and electronically. You can also filter and save search reports for future quick access.

Gain insights into your performance with data analytics.

Provide evidence for your results and improve information for decision-making. With Enquire, you can deliver accurate and up-to-date reporting on your program contracts.

Procurement and Supplier Management

Enquire helps you improve your procurement strategy, proactively manage supplier relationships to enhance supply management. Streamline your sourcing contract management to deliver high quality products and services, as well as the data needed to ensure financial management, regulatory compliance, and risk management. 

Align Procurement with Supplier Management

At the center of successful procurement management is building a deep and engaged relationship with the market and suppliers. Enquire supports organisations as they align planning to supply needs and engage the supplier market with business needs to improve supplier relationship management. 

Configure Procurement Administration

Enquire makes the management and administration of the pre and post contract activities and events simple. Create and generate contract templates, automate buying and invoicing processes and manage supplier compliance all in one procurement solution. 

Support Financial and Regulatory Compliance

Enquire manages all the data and reporting needed to support supplier and supply chain management, as well as integrations to other critical enterprise systems. Configure data to report on budget, risks, and compliance. Validate and verify supply and suppliers, to support the entire procure to pay process. 

Sourcing Contract Management System Client Portal User Interface

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