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Manage, judge and award nominees online fast and fair with Enquire. 

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With Enquire Award Management Software your organisation can:

  • Empower entrants with a user-friendly, intuitive system for submitting award applications.
  • Streamline judging with panels, workflows, and powerful collaboration tools.
  • Select winners, notify nominees of their outcomes, and award funding fast.

Managing Your Entire Award Program Online with Enquire

Enquire’s provides a simplified and streamlined approach to Awards Management to celebrate excellence.  Enquire makes it easier to collect applications, judge nominations fairly and award funds faster.

Enquire’s platform is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-For-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Award Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Award Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Streamline The Award Application Process

The application process sets the stage for your award program – get it done right with Enquire. Collect nominations with a dedicated external portal that supports award applicants and administrators alike with eligibility screening, file attachments, and correspondence features.

Award Management System Client Portal User Interface

Attract applicants with an accessible award portal.

With Enquire’s external applicant portal your entrants can easily find and submit nominations for awards.  Centralise your award opportunities in a single location, configurable to your organisation’s branding.

Find a winner faster and fairly with configurable forms.

Enquire’s form builder allows award managers to get all the answers they need while shortening the application process. Ask questions in a range of formats, allow applicants to attach supporting documents, and prequalify applicants with clear eligibility guidelines and declaration checks.

Enquire’s user-friendly design supports nominees.

Get the best responses by enabling entrants to complete their forms at their own pace. Entrants can download, or save and return to their application, enabling nominees to provide higher quality responses. Award administrators can request clarity by sending the form back with comments linking directly to the required questions.

Judge Award Applications Fast and Fair

Eliminate bias while streamlining the assessment process with Enquire. Enquire allows for internal and external judging, assessment panels, comments, notes, scoring, and a range of workflow options. These options allow your organisation to configure the judging process as per your unique requirements while ensuring decisions are made faster than ever.

Make the judging process truly your own.

Configure everything from eligibility and assessment criteria to the workflows that guide the judging process. With options for internal and external judging, simultaneous or linear review, and weighted scoring, Enquire award administrators can build assessment processes however they need, and reconfigure them quickly, without technical support when required.

Drive collaboration and equity at the same time.

Enquire encourages award managers and reviewers to make internal and external comments against specific application responses to add context and transparency to the review process. Make the decision-making process behind selecting winners auditable to enhance the transparency of your programs.

Stay engaged with nominees without effort.

Use templated notifications, emails, and alerts to keep up correspondence with your applicants throughout the assessment process. With personalised preconfigured responses to a range of assessment outcomes, Enquire allows the award team to confirm outcomes to applicants easier than ever before.

Award Management System Client Portal User Interface

Award Funds, Track Milestones and Report Outcomes

Enquire’s complete award management features allow you to go the next step with integrated payments, milestone tracking and rich impact reporting. Collect rich data to show stakeholders the impact of your awarding decisions so you can improve your programs year after year.

Award Management System Client Portal User Interface

Fully integrated financial milestone management.

Integrate Enquire with your existing financial systems to process award payments from within the system. Easily establish milestones to schedule payments in instalments and track spending against deliverables.

Easy to use award reporting indicators.

Enquire’s configurable reporting indicators allow you to measure specific metrics against individual awards, broader award programs and across your entire portfolio. By tracking and comparing these measures Enquire makes it easier to deliver inclusive and impactful award programs.

Your entire award program in one location.

With all your award data in one system, from nominees records all the way through to funding timelines, you have all the data you need to show stakeholders the impact of your award management. Enquire allows award managers to create detailed reports with a single click, which can be configured to your needs.

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