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Tactiv, the Future of Enterprise Software

At Tactiv we create the solutions that respond to today’s complex business challenges and community demands from publicly funded programs.

Our agile cloud based software as a service products and services are at the forefront of digital transformation. We take the risk out of migrating from traditional platforms.

We make government agencies and not for profit organisations more effective.

Tactiv is a leading software solutions provider based in Brisbane, Australia.

We adopt new technologies as they become proven to create new, smarter solutions configured to allow clients to benefit from greater efficiencies, security and transparency.

Our key platform, Enquire, is a configurable cloud-based software as a service solution that transforms business process management for public sector spending programs.

What We Do

Tactiv provides solutions that deliver:

Compliance, accountability and auditability is designed in all our solutions. In providing enterprise software as a service solutions, we strive for a modern user experience that people enjoy using.

Enterprise software as a service requires consultation, configuration and collaboration to ensure our clients achieve outcomes that support their business process in an agile delivery process.

In addition, we offer application support, business consultation, training and other hosted services.

Leaders in the Government Sector

Since 2005 Tactiv has assisted governments, corporate organisations and the not for profit sector to transition from traditional digital platforms to agile cloud based software as a service solutions that better respond to today’s business challenges and community demand.

Tactiv has provided configurable, commercial of the shelf mission critical applications for:

  • Australian Government
  • New Zealand Government
  • Queensland Government
  • New South Wales Government
  • Victorian Government
  • World Health Organisation

Tactiv’s extensive knowledge of these sectors means our clients benefit from insight into current technical, security, legislative, policy direction and industry trends.

Our History

Tactiv is proudly a Brisbane and Queensland based SME.

The Tactiv story started 2005 as a project hosted by SEQ Catchments Limited and responsible for the development, management and servicing of the original software which was focused on National Heritage Trust reporting.

In 2008 The Australian National Audit Office Audit Report No.21 undertook a case study on Enquire and noted: “The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management has developed the first integrated web-based system [Enquire] to manage performance information about Natural Resource Management investments in Australia”.

Tactiv Pty Ltd was registered as a company in 2011 as a part of the SEQ Catchments Group. In 2016 in recognition of the needs of the company and best interests of all shareholders the company was spun out from SEQ Catchments and started operating on its own. Since that time Tactiv has grown and attracted investment from new shareholders. Tactiv remains majority owned by employee shareholders.

We recognise the size of the potential market for our solutions and are progressively expanding our market and client base. Positive results have allowed us make considerable investment in research and development of our Enquire contract, grant and program management solution.

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