Breaking Barriers to Social Impact Investing at AVPN 2019

Tactiv is a proud Exhibition Sponsor at the AVPN 2019 Conference in Singapore, June 25-28. The conference is the largest social investing event in Asia, focused on ensuring social investors are equipped to address key social challenges facing Asia today and in the future.

This year the 2019 AVPN conference is focused on the critical work of equipping social investors to champion and deploy capital to the issues that matter most. The theme is “Breaking Boundaries”, gathering together the largest group of funders and resource providers from around the globe. With this goal AVPN will host leading international speakers, workshops and events to educate, inspire and draw attention to some of the most important and pressing socio and environmental challenges.

The conference will enable funders, practitioners and service providers worldwide, and in particular the Asia Pacific region, to share best practices, collaborate, learn and discover opportunities to advance impact investing.

With a goal to break down barriers to impact investing and attract main stream investors to the sector AVPN 2019 will bring together a wide range of sector experts, thought leaders and investors to address topics including “clarity and guidelines around sustainable finance and impact investing, improving corporate sustainability and effective philanthropy strategies, catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship, and foster stronger public-private partnerships. In addition, the conference will highlight high-impact issue areas including, climate action, healthcare and nutrition, and gender equity.”

Rapidly advancing progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals requires mobilising the potential of private capital and investment for impact. To break down the barriers to increasing investment and progress organisations of all kinds are called upon to demonstrate how they deliver on the targets for the UNDSGs. Funders, and our communities, are demanding better reporting and communications so they understand how these critical investments are positively contributing to the economy, communities and the environment.

Tactiv is a proud Exhibition Sponsor of AVPN, once again partnering with the conference and participating at the exhibition. Our flagship software Enquire is a sector leader in grant, contract and impact reporting for government agencies and wide range of not-for-profits, and others, who need to more effectively and efficiently manage their impact investment funding.

With Enquire we empower our clients, in Australia, New Zealand and around the world to make great decision every day with our easy-to-use cloud based software. Enquire Impact Reporting ensures program managers have everything they need, and the information demanded – at their fingertips – so they can improve funder relations, grow investment and do more good.

If you are planning to attend the AVPN 2019 Conference visit us at our conference booth to talk about your impact management and reporting challenges and share your experiences. Visit us at the AVPN 2019 Exhibition and make sure you sign up now for our special AVPN offer, check out the details here: Tactiv AVPN 2019 Special Offer.

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