Enquire Lifecycle Management Software for Universities and Higher Education

Gain a full project lifecycle overview and report on outcomes across your research funds, grants, scholarships and awards

Universities Higher Education Grant Management Software

Research Grant and Scholarship Management Software for Higher Education

Whether you need a solution for funding within your faculty, department or across your entire institution, Enquire makes the process of collecting applications and submissions, awarding funds and reporting results simple. By connecting students, educators, university administration and alumni on one platform, Enquire helps you accelerate meaningful funding outcomes throughout your research projects, grants, scholarships and awards.

Collect higher quality applications and submissions

Streamline the application process to attract more qualified candidates across your institution’s funding programs. Communicate with students using notifications, application comments, and email alerts.

Efficiently and fairly award, track and manage funding

Dedicated workflows guide internal and external assessors throughout their review. Configurable eligibility and assessment criteria make your award processes focused, and fair.

Collaborate to enhance your delivery every time

Maintain connections and communication between your award recipients, alumni, and administration with integrated reporting data that improves project outcomes over time.

The Enquire Difference for Higher Education

An all-in-one system for higher education funding

Enquire reduces the pressure on your team by collecting applications, conduct reviews and assessments, award funding and produce detailed reports all in one dedicated lifecycle management system. With everything in one place and automation features, our users’ programs benefit from peak efficiency, transparency and data integrity.

A candidate centric scholarship platform

Your applicants have ongoing access to your institution’s branded self-service portal. Students, staff and alumni can explore your funding opportunities, download, resume or amend their applications, while attaching a range of file types such Word, PDF and images to add detail. Meanwhile, your team can track and manage student outcomes from their dedicated CRM.

Flexibility across your funding

Meeting the dynamic needs of university teams and their stakeholders, Enquire’s configurable application form templates and assessment workflows make awarding funds, whether research funds, grants or scholarships, easy every time. Invite scholarship committees or research grant review panels and guide these assessors with workflow prompts using emails and alerts.

Report on outcomes and showcase success

Enquire’s robust reporting tools allow you to exceed your internal and external reporting requirements with tools to track and measure goals, identify trends, and share outcome data. Link financial data to student outcomes and share results with stakeholders such as donors, faculty leadership, or the broader community to illustrate program success.

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You are in good company

Case Studies

New Zealand’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

MFAT adopted Enquire recently, managing $6b in aid and investment with over 20 international offices. Using one application means that teams around the world can now work with the same information in real time, easing the entire process under one universal management system while hitting compliance standards.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

AVPN is comprised of 600 member organisations and far more needing recipients. Enquire’s platform keeps the entire grant lifecycle inhouse for them, resulting in charitable and secure repeat funding to those who need it.

Enhancing Higher Education Outcomes

Designed to streamline and enhance university funding processes, Enquire is the tool you need to modernise and amplify the impact of your research programs, scholarships and bursaries. The key features the research grants and scholarships team are looking for are at your fingertips:

  • A user-friendly portal where students and staff can easily identify scholarship funding opportunities, submit academic research reports, and complete their external assessments.
  • Form builders bring funding rounds online with ease and speed using configurable user-designed fields to collect detailed student submissions, clear project updates and rich outcome reports.
  • Streamline scholarship assessment with configurable workflows that streamline and speed up decision making, allow access for multiple assessors and ensure the most innovative research projects get funded.
  • Milestone tracking breaks down key touchpoints and deliverables in the project lifecycle, with status search to make it easier to track a candidate’s progress and financials.
  • Define and align program outcomes for your university with comprehensive and configurable reporting indicators to enhance your impact reporting.
  • In-system notifications, emails and alerts to enhance the collaboration and engagement with your organisation’s stakeholders – students, academic staff, alumni and more.

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