Enquire Lifecycle Management for Corporations

An all-in-one platform for corporates to effectively manage social impact programs.

Corporations Grant Management Software

Fund and Impact Management Software for Social Enterprises

Enquire is a leading cloud-based lifecycle management solution for tracking environmental, social, and corporate governance, and CSR. Our online platform has everything you need to streamline your corporate philanthropy programs to maximise their impact and scalability.

Scalable Impact Investment

Assess financial needs, process payments, and monitor outcomes in one central location. Scale your projects and replicate successful programs with templates, workflows, and automations.

Maximise Your Impact Story

Configure metrics and set benchmarks to let the data guide your impact strategy with Enquire’s dedicated results and outcome tracking for ESG and other frameworks.

Become A Brand People Love

Build trust and engage stakeholders with transparent processes, personalised communication, and sharable one-click ESG and CSR reports that draw on data captured within the system.

The Enquire Difference for Corporates

Reduce operational costs, achieve incredible outcomes

Spend less on your corporate philanthropic programs by rolling up your application, assessment, funding, and reporting processes in one software solution. Complete contract management features keep all your CSR documentation in one accessible location for more efficient program management. Enquire’s per-user pricing scales with your organisation while configurable business processes make it adaptable to any organisational changes.

Tell a data-driven story

With Enquire’s configurable reporting indicators and vertically structured hierarchy you can easily compare the performance of your ESG programs and other social impact funds throughout your portfolio. Connect the dollars you spend to the social value you create and easily share this information with your stakeholders.

Collaborative and User Friendly

Enquire allows team members to engage with one another, as well as external stakeholders with notifications, emails, and alerts to keep business processes moving efficiently. Configure business roles within the system with defined permissions and associated tasks, without the need for code. Your funding applicants have access to a branded self-service portal to submit funding requests, report on their spending and more.

Streamline your fund management

Re-use templates, workflows, and automations to do more with less, without compromising quality. Schedule your payments and integrate with your financial systems to maximise the efficiency of your funded CSR programs. Track project spending with a detailed status and scheduling cards to view complete financial data at a glance.

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You are in good company

Case Studies

New Zealand’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

MFAT adopted Enquire recently, managing $6b in aid and investment with over 20 international offices. Using one application means that teams around the world can now work with the same information in real time, easing the entire process under one universal management system while hitting compliance standards.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

AVPN is comprised of 600 member organisations and far more needing recipients. Enquire’s platform keeps the entire grant lifecycle inhouse for them, resulting in charitable and secure repeat funding to those who need it.

Streamlined and Transparent Business Processes

Designed to maximise transparency and streamline business processes, Enquire is the tool you need to modernise your CSR programs and improve their outcomes. The key features corporate philanthropic grant program managers are looking for are at your fingertips:

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Powering you to do good, better

Enquire’s lifestyle management and impact reporting software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting with easy-to-use online solutions, including:

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