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Now you can forecast payments in Enquire, easily track the dates they are due and record the actual amount received.

Ensuring the timely delivery of grant funded project work is key to a successful project. With each milestone met, payments are made and received for the completion of work.  The more efficient the payment and reporting system the better the result for grant recipients and for funders reporting progress.

Enquire makes managing payments easier for grant project managers with incoming payment milestones and outgoing payment milestones.


Incoming Payment Milestones

These are funds coming into the organisation from an external party.

  • Payments coming in have a contracted amount and a date they are due to be received.
  • Inbound payments are recorded, and when received, the actual amount updated.
  • Payment date is recorded against the milestone.

Outgoing Payment Milestones

These are funds that must be paid to an external party e.g. contractor, grant applicant.

  • Payments going out have a contracted amount and due date they are to be paid.
  • Once the payment is made an actual amount and date is recorded against the milestone.

Both types of payment milestones have a supplier who delivers the work and an assignee who administers the milestone.

Utilising Enquire’s search functionality grant project managers can quickly view all their payments and how they are tracking against the due date. They can set up search filters to save the search and quickly access their report in the future.

If you are a grant project manager and would like more information on how to manage grant payments using Enquire contact Tactiv Client Services today!


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