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28 Feb 2022

5 Features Powering Smarter Grant Application Management

Managing grant applicants is one of the most intense and critical steps of the grant lifecycle. It's critical to streamline the administrative processes and ensure effective collaboration. And it makes...


18 Oct 2020

Simple and secure access

We have login details and a password for everything nowadays and it can be hard to keep track, while still keeping it secure. To make it simple and safe for Enquire users, we have...

Product Updates

09 Apr 2020

Add Business Registration Details Easily with Enquire’s ABN Lookup

Ensure the accuracy of CRM data with the new Business Registration component.   Grant applicants can quickly complete business registration details for accounts with the easy to use ABN Look Up...

Product Updates

03 Oct 2019

Targeting Grant Rounds to Applicants

Enquire enables grant funders to target the right grant application to the right audience. By following three easy steps, grant opportunities are automatically available to applicants who meet program requirements....

Product Updates

27 Jan 2016

Dedicated Help Available for Grant Applicant Portal Users

Enquire now offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive help site to support your grant applicants using Enquire’s Grant Applicant Portal. There they will find detailed information on each step of the application...

Product Updates

28 Oct 2015

Improve Grant Application Management with Enquire

Enquire's online grant management features and applicant portal has assisted organisations to administer and award funding across a multitude of grant programs in the not-for-profit and government sectors. Now Enquire can...

Product Updates

13 May 2015

Enquire’s Grant Applicant Portal FAQ

Get on top of setting up online grant applications with Enquire’s Grant Applicant Portal FAQ. Our Applicant Portal FAQ will help you customise your public gateway for external grant applications, set...

Product Updates

22 Apr 2015

Customise Grant Assessment Workflows with Enquire

Enquire's new configurable grant assessment workflows were introduced in the latest system release. This new capability includes the ability for clients to customise assessment workflows and introduces the Application Stage smart...

Product Updates

17 Nov 2014

Build Your Own Online Grant Application Form with Enquire

Extend your grant program's reach and improve your grant management processes with Enquire's new online grant application form builder. Enquire's upcoming release provides the ability to create custom online grant...

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Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting across our 3 easy-to-use online solutions. 

  • Publish and administer online grant applications online
  • Manage grant contracts, projects and relationships
  • Report on grant status, budgets, milestones and impacts
  • Online contract repository for all contract documents
  • Generate contracts, set alerts and track contract status
  • Automate reporting, renewals and milestone tracking
  • Set and track plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Collaborate externally, capture data and communicate
  • Grow investment and improve investor relations

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