Enquire Disaster Relief Management Software

Distribute disaster relief funding to aid rapid and reliable resilience and recovery.

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With Enquire Disaster Relief Management Software your organisation can:

  • Get new funding rounds online faster to speed up initial recovery.
  • Process high volumes of applications faster with automations and workflows.
  • Track spending and analyse data to be better prepared for future events.

Managing Your Disaster Recovery Grants Online with Enquire

As natural disasters become increasingly common and intense it is vital that governments, non-for-profits, and other funding organisations have processes in place to facilitate rapid and reliable recovery and resilience programs. Enquire is a full lifecycle management software solution that streamlines these processes to speed-up decision making and ensure community needs are met.

Enquire Disaster Recovery Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Disaster Relief Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Disaster Relief Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Bring Funds Online Faster to Expedite Recovery

When disaster strikes timing is everything. The sooner that funds are received, the sooner the recovery starts, and the sooner communities can return to normal. Enquire allows organisations to bring programs online faster, with citizen-centric applications and streamlined correspondence to ensure those in need face minimal delays and uncertainty.

Disaster Relief Management System Client Portal User Interface

Get new funding rounds online in days using templates.

With Enquire the process of establishing a new funding round is simple. Simply set the open and close dates, eligibility criteria and round details, and begin collecting applications from a fully branded client portal. You can even replicate past funding rounds and tweak them as needed, using configurable templates. Prepare ahead for fire and flood season with funding rounds ready to go live in just a few clicks.

Make the application process simple for everyone.

Enquire’s citizen-centric user interface and navigation make the process of applying for grants less stressful for those living in the aftermath of a disaster. With auto-fill responses, data lookup and validation, and the ability to attach documents such as photographs, the application process is faster for applicants and easier to assess for your management team.

Provide peace of mind with emails, notifications, and alerts.

Should issues arise in an application, or more data be required for governance purposes, requesting an amendment is simple. Once requested, applicants will receive email notifications and alerts in their client portal account. Workflows guide the applicant to the exact application field that requires changes, with comments to provide further context.

Streamline Assessment to Award Relief Funds Fast

Ensure all eligible applications are approved without delay using configurable workflows, bulk actions, and email templates. Enquire gives you the tools to respond to an enormous number of claims quickly without compromising program governance in the process. Financial integrations and payment milestones make scheduling and processing funding hassle-free for you and your applicants.

Streamline decision making with configurable workflows.

Assess claims faster using configurable workflows that eliminate delays by clearly identifying the assessment status, current assessor and more. Notify assessors when they are required to complete a step, including both your internal management team and external assessors who can seamlessly complete their reviews using the client portal.

Process high volumes of applications with bulk action features.

If an emergency event is large enough to impact your entire community, you need a reliable system capable of handling an inundation of applicants. Enquire’s bulk actions enable greater efficiency and reduce the load on your team by allowing them to edit or approve multiple assessment forms in a single click.

Inform applicants of assessment outcomes and process payments.

Provide both detailed and rapid responses to application requests using a range of templated responses sent directly from the system. Templates are also used to generate the contracts that are stored against the record. Process one-off payments or recurring milestones with schedules by integrating with your financial system.

Disaster Relief Management System Client Portal User Interface

Maintain Complete Oversight of Your Emergency Funding

Whether you are proactively funding projects to reduce the severity of future disaster events or responding to those in urgent need, it is essential that you maintain complete oversight of your funding. Right through from validations in the application step to indicator-based outcome reporting, Enquire makes it easier to ensure that funds have been awarded and spent appropriately throughout the funding lifecycle.  

Disaster Relief Management System Client Portal User Interface

Transparent application and assessment.

Transparent eligibility criteria, mandatory fields and declaration checks improve the relevance of applicants by pre-screening potentially ineligible applicants. Enquire allows applicants to attach necessary evidence of their claim for assessors to review and validate before moving forward.

Improve the accuracy of your disaster preparedness and response data.

With configurable performance indicators that can be used across your funded projects, Enquire makes it easier to track, manage and analyse outcome data. Simply link costs to tangible outcomes and share this data with stakeholders via one-click reports to promote transparency and show that funds are being spent appropriately.

Reduce risk and address issues proactively.

Enquire’s host of risk management features enable you to assess program performance with up-to-date data, making subsequent financial and compliance checks easier to manage. Conditional funding milestones and enhanced communication with funding recipients makes acquitting your disaster payments easy and efficient for all involved.

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