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Deliver better outcomes and achieve full project visibility across your portfolio.

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With Enquire Project Portfolio Management Software your organisation can:

  • Review your entire portfolio of programs in one structured system.
  • Manage stakeholder relationships and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Show your full impact with detailed project results and outcomes.

Managing Your Entire Portfolio Online with Enquire

With Enquire Project Portfolio Management software you and your team can easily manage the end-to-end lifecycle for all your projects and programs. Streamline your administrative tasks, manage financial data and funding allocations, improve stakeholder access, and execute projects with ease.

Enquire Project Portfolio Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Project Portfolio Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Project Portfolio Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Manage Portfolios, Programs and Projects with Enquire

Experience the flexibility to manage individual projects, roll up data to a program level and take a portfolio view of all activity with Enquire Project Portfolio Management software. Benefit from full lifecycle project and program management to streamline project delivery from conception to outcome reporting.

Project Portfolio Management System Client Portal User Interface

Start to finish lifecycle management.

Enquire is an end-to-end solution, with features to support and streamline project conception, evaluation, financial milestone tracking and project outcome reporting. Execute multiple projects simultaneously in one easy-to-use system.

Evaluate project concept and prioritise opportunities.

Enquire’s payment milestones enable project and program managers to analyse their funding data at a glance. With clear schedules and line-item data, Enquire makes it easy to forecast spending and prioritise investments.

Maintain visibility on risks and issues.

Enquire’s Portfolio-Program-Project hierarchy allows users to assess risks and issues in their broader context. Maintain the strategic vision required to anticipate the impact of decisions downstream with funding schedules and milestone data.

Enhanced Stakeholder Relationship Management

Collaborate and support the information needs of external stakeholders, suppliers, project partners and investors. Manage relationships and engage partners securely in a dedicated portal for external stakeholders.

Create and generate contract templates.

Enquire’s document generation feature allows you to configure contracts and other key document templates in just a few clicks, with collaboration and version control features available. Get documents signed by external parties and saved in system faster with smart document workflows.

Automate buying and invoicing processes.

Integrate Enquire with your finance systems to automate payments and process invoices. Roles-based permissions and review processes streamline payments while maintaining checks and balances.

Manage supplier compliance.

Ensure supplier compliance with integrated payment and contract milestones dictating the release of funds. Gather complete supplier information with scheduled reporting that automatically reconciles against the project record once approved.

Project Portfolio Management System Client Portal User Interface

Streamline Project Execution and Delivery

Unify data in one central location to standardise and streamline administration throughout your project portfolio management. Configure data to match your unique business requirements and speed up project execution with reusable components such as templates, workflows, and automations.

Project Portfolio Management System Client Portal User Interface

Configure project master data.

Eliminate the risk and issues associated with managing data across multiple systems by configuring data fields for both single-entry and multi-record components. This gives you the flexibility to capture the exact data you need in formats aligned to your requirements, such as strings or integers.

Create, clone and reuse project templates.

Speed up project delivery, replicate successful projects and scale your portfolio’s performance by creating new projects from templates. Templates are highly configurable and can be changed on the fly without the use of code – eliminating duplicate work and ensuring consistency throughout your portfolio.

Publish contracts and manage project documents.

Enquire is a complete portfolio contract management and document library solution, with templates, workflows, and auditable version history logs. Search and filter documents, apply security and access permissions, lock documents as read only and apply additional controls across your programs.

Integrated Investment and Financial Management

Use Enquire to manage program financial data across multiple projects to simplify payments, forecast financials, and review budget updates in real-time. Make smarter spending decisions and process payments faster with enterprise integrations.

Evaluate project concepts and prioritise opportunities.

Configure evaluation and approval workflows to streamline decision making and project prioritisation. Assessment workflows add integrity to review processes, enabling internal and external parties to evaluate project potential transparently with comments and scoring against individual aspects of a project proposal.

Align and track project funding sources and allocations.

Manage funding in-flows and out-flows with Enquire and tailor your budgeting, reporting and milestones per source. Allocations can be set for each funder, and funding terms can be incorporated to ensure funds are only allocated to appropriate milestones, purchases, or activities.

Manage project payments, refunds, and variations.

Enquire’s financial integrations and payment processing features allow in-depth and up-to-date payment journals throughout your project portfolio management. Make better decisions with consistent budget data across your portfolio. Manage project variations in system by engaging external parties with a dedicated self-service portal.

Social Impact and Investment Reporting

Create configurable performance indicators to track outcomes throughout your project portfolio management. Align to sector frameworks like GINI, IATI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or configure your own, to measure, monitor and report on social impact.

Project Portfolio Management System Client Portal User Interface

Maintain data and change history for project auditing.

Enquire ensures audibility and data integrity across your portfolio’s numerous processes with change history logs, time stamps, data validations and roles-based permissions. Review who did what, and when they did it, with comments and notes that explain decision making processes.

Track KPIs for portfolio results management.

Configure reporting indicators at a portfolio level and apply them throughout your programs and projects to enhance comparability and ensure consistency in your reporting. Integrate these configured metrics into your project reporting to aggregate your outcome data.

Automate your project portfolio management reporting.

Get consistent project updates with scheduled and automated reports. Set reporting periods to capture, review and save periodic data against project milestones. Share reports with stakeholders and export program outcome data in one click with a range of preconfigured reports.

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