Product Updates

August 15, 2014

Customise Your Project with Enquire’s Component Builder

Flexible and tailor made projects are at your fingertips with the release of Enquire’s Component Builder. Customise your data with Enquire’s Component Builder to generate smart results.


August 07, 2014

475 and Counting – Project Contract Management at...

This month Enquire highlights how one key natural resource management group, Burnett Mary Regional Group, extensively uses the Enquire projects and contracts management platform to deliver consistent quality and improved...

Latest News

July 23, 2014

5 Ways Enquire Project Portfolio Management Helps You...

With Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) project managers enjoy a suite of tools designed to make it easier to manage multiple projects to streamline and improve program management.

Product Updates

June 19, 2014

Guide to the Enquire Help Desk Support Procedures

The Tactiv Help Desk strives to deliver the best client support for each and every request. To help you understand more about our support system and processes read on for...

Product Updates

June 12, 2014

Group and Manage Your CRM Contacts Easily in...

Managing clients, stakeholders, project team members and suppliers has never been easier. Now create, group, filter, sort and organise all your important CRM contacts in Enquire CRM. Enquire clients need...


June 03, 2014

Look Who Enquire Met at the 2014 Australian...

In March, the Enquire team meet with new and existing clients at our information booth at the 2014 Australian National NRM Conference in Launceston, Tasmania.

Product Updates

May 20, 2014

Link Project Performance Measures to Project Milestones in...

Project activities can often deliver outputs or project milestones that are shared across a variety of projects, or throughout a program of work. Use Enquire to link project performance measure...

Product Updates

May 14, 2014

Manage Project Outputs More Easily Than Ever in...

An important part of project management software is tracking the quantifiable measures, key performance indicators and Outputs.

Product Updates

May 05, 2014

Enquire Introduces New Project Financial Management Tools

Improve project financial management with Enquire’s new features to help deliver clarity and more efficient project financial management for your grants, contracts and projects.

Product Updates

April 29, 2014

Enquire Delivers New Project Performance Management Tools for...

Enquire delivers an expanded range of project performance management and financial management features so project managers can track, monitor, measure and report on project performance and finances more easily than...

Product Updates

April 18, 2014

Integrate Enquire With Your Existing Business Solutions

Save time and money while improving your business operations. Highly sociable, integrate Enquire with popular industry software systems like MS Sharepoint, ArcGIS, and SAP.


March 07, 2014

Meet Enquire at the 2014 Australian National NRM...

Meet Tactiv at the Australian National Natural Resource Management 2014 Conference is being held on March 17 to 19th in Launceston, Tasmania. 

Latest News

March 05, 2014

Set Project Standards With Enquire to Improve Project...

Standardise your project administration and management using innovative features in Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software system to manage project processes, documents and communications.


February 10, 2014

Enquire and The Commission of Audit Report and...

The release of Queensland Commission of Audit Report and the new ICT Strategy highlight the value Enquire can continue to provide in the evolving as-a-service landscape.

Latest News

January 17, 2014

Success with Cloud With Enquire, Tactiv’s Cloud Based...

Industry leading, Tactiv offer ’government and not-for-profit clients all benefits of cloud software with Enquire, a grant, contract and project management SaaS system. Enquire offers unparalleled flexibility and configurability to...

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