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Foundations Grant Management Software

Social Impact Measurement and Grant Management Software Made for Foundations

Enquire enables foundations to achieve their organisational goals by bringing parties together, distributing funding efficiently and maintaining a mission-driven approach to outcome reporting. An end-to-end solution, Enquire can be configured to assist any charitable foundation in advancing it’s cause.

Align projects with your mission

Enquire’s reporting features and rich data capture promote consistent results with configurable indicators that make it easy to measure goals aligned with your cause.

Achieve more each day

With automations to eliminate repetitive manual tasks, workflows to streamline processes and templates to speed up admin work, Enquire allows you to focus more on your mission.

Collaborate and drive community outcomes

Communication features such as notifications, emails and in-depth reporting allow foundations to develop lasting relationships with their funding partners and beneficiaries.

The Enquire Difference for Foundations

Empower your team to do more with less

Reduce tech spend and admin while increasing efficiency throughout your funded projects with a full lifecycle solution. Enquire centralises the application, assessment, awarding and reporting processes, allowing new staff to review and audit past programs so they can get up to speed faster while only learning one system.

Show funders their full impact

Secure future contributions from donors and funders with detailed impact reports that communicate outcomes using configurable reporting indicators. With Enquire you have all the tools you need to collect and share the reporting data that motivates staff, convinces funders, and amplifies your impact.

Helping you help beneficiaries

Enquire makes connecting your foundation or trust and its partners easier with a white-label client portal. With an intuitive user interface, Enquire enhances communication with external parties and enables foundations to quickly receive an increased quality and quantity of grant submissions, reports, and assessments.

A scalable solution for all foundations

Enquire’s configurability makes it adaptable for foundations of any kind, with a per-user pricing structure. This means Enquire grows with your foundation, adapting to your needs as they arise. Enquire enables you to bring programs online fast so your funds can make an immediate impact.

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You are in good company

Case Studies

New Zealand’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

MFAT adopted Enquire recently, managing $6b in aid and investment with over 20 international offices. Using one application means that teams around the world can now work with the same information in real time, easing the entire process under one universal management system while hitting compliance standards.

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)

AVPN is comprised of 600 member organisations and far more needing recipients. Enquire’s platform keeps the entire grant lifecycle inhouse for them, resulting in charitable and secure repeat funding to those who need it.

Enquire Features Foundations Love

With a focus on maximising impact by improving the collaboration and engagement between funders, fund managers, and their beneficiaries. The key features foundation fund and project managers are looking for are at your fingertips:

  • A user-friendly self-service portal for your grantees and partners to apply for funds, submit reports on spending and complete external assessments.
  • Easy-to-use form builders to quickly bring new funding rounds online while obtaining all the information you need across applications, reports, and project update requests.
  • Fast and fair assessment workflows to speed up decision-making and ensure the best projects get funded, in alignment with your organisation’s goals.
  • Configurable performance indicators help show current and future donors and funders the impact your programs are making for your cause.
  • In-system notifications, emails, and alerts to manage transparent correspondence and enhance the collaboration and engagement between your team and your stakeholders.
  • Milestone tracking to break down key touchpoints and deliverables in the funding lifecycle, with status search to make it easier to track progress and financials across your projects.

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