Easy and Quick “At a Glance” Reporting with Enquire

With Enquire's "at a glance" reporting grant program managers can easily and quickly satisfy the information needs of stakeholders with accurate real-time dynamic charts and reports.

As a grant program manager, you are constantly under pressure to provide more information from a wide variety of stakeholders. The information can be related to any aspect of your program, including applications, project status and milestones, budgets, and achievements for funds invested.

Rapidly delivering up-to-date and accurate information is critical to managing and administering your program. It is essential to improving your funder relationships.

But gathering and compiling data for stakeholder reporting takes time and effort.

At Tactiv we understand how integral it is to provide data to stakeholders quickly and easily. It’s why we work with our clients to deliver quick and easy “at a glance” reporting. Enquire’s at a glance reporting offers features like dynamic charts to provide a quick and visual snapshot on key program metrics. Dynamic charts are available on the project and milestone searches. They can be used to give an immediate overview of progress.

By refining search queries, your charts automatically update to reflect results, making it easy to answer many of the most common questions program managers receive. For example: “How many applications have been recommended for funding?” or “How many contracts have been awarded?”

Start using at a glance reporting in Enquire in two easy steps:
1. Configure search query
2. Review results illustrated in charts

Using Enquire’s search and reporting at a glance features makes common questions quick and easy to answer. As a program manager you can set up and save your search queries to reuse, further streamlining the process for regular and ad-hoc reports.

If you have any questions on using at a glance reporting to improve your grant program communications contact Tactiv Client Services today!

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