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Watch these short videos to see Enquire in action. Our specialists take you through the core features you need to elevate your lifecycle management and Enquire users share insights to help you drive more impact throughout your funded programs.

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Manage applications, submissions, and requests online with Enquire

Bring your programs online fast and in style with Enquire’s branded Client Portal. Keep applicants engaged with configurable no-code forms to collect the exact information you need, so you can award funding and drive impact faster. 

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Keep applicants and stakeholders up to date with Enquire’s communication features

Notifications in Enquire make tracking and monitoring important processes, dates, and milestones simple. Save time and effort by automating notifications with event triggers to minimise delays and steer projects towards success 

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How Enquire handles assessment, screening, and review processes

With a streamlined process that saves time and reduces bottlenecks, Enquire’s workflows empower transparent and collaborative assessment for your internal and external reviewers. 

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Simplify reporting on client outcomes with Enquire

Simplify project reporting by creating and managing client reports using configurable templates that match your needs. Assess and track milestones and costs, request amendments and more, to get the full picture of how funds are being used across your programs. 

Case study

How AVPN speeds up fund distribution and improves collaboration for better community outcomes

Faye from AVPN explains how Tactiv and Enquire have helped streamline AVPN’s fund management to deliver more social impact throughout Asia.

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