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With Enquire Scholarship Management Software your organisation can:

  • Publish, assess, and manage scholarship applications easier.
  • Schedule payments and track outcomes against academic performance.
  • Manage student performance with indicators to ensure continued success.

Managing Your Entire Scholarship Program Online with Enquire

Enquire aims to simplify the competitive scholarship process with a comprehensive scholarship management software solution. A platform built for student applicants and academic research candidates to connect with the educators and scholarship funding administrators.

Enquire Scholarship Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Scholarship Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Scholarship Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Scholarship Application Management Software Designed for Higher Education

To foster the relationship between school administrators and their scholarship applicants, Enquire makes collecting and assessing applications a breeze. Eliminate administrative burdens to get resources out to your applicants faster for more impactful scholarship outcomes.

Scholarship Management System Client Portal User Interface

Attract students with an accessible scholarship portal.

With a single applicant portal students can find and apply for scholarships faster and easier. Centralise your scholarship opportunities in a single location, configurable to your university’s branding.

Find the right applicant faster with configurable forms.

Use templated and configurable scholarship application forms, with a range of question types, to shorten the application process, improve completion rates and minimise student errors. Pre-screen your scholarship applicants with eligibility requirements and declaration checks to prevent time lost to unsuitable applicants.

Empower students to reach their potential.

Enquire supports your candidates by streamlining applications, enabling save and return features, application downloads for offline use, and more. Allow your applicants to attach their academic records, references, essays, and other supporting documents in a range of file types and formats to meet university requirements and bolster their scholarship case.

Assess Students Fast and Fairly

Improve the equity in your scholarship assessment process with workflows, requests for amendment and more. Reduce bottlenecks and administrative hurdles while improving collaboration and engagement, both within your team and with your applicants.

Enhance award fund governance with smart workflows.

Drive better decision making in your scholarship committee with assessment workflows that can be accessed by internal and external reviewers. Configure workflows to your specific needs, with roles-based permissions, multiple steps, and weighted numeric scoring to ensure requirements are met while core processes continue unimpeded.

A systematic approach for more equitable scholarships.

Enquire encourages scholarship managers and reviewers to make fairer funding decisions with configurable scholarship eligibility and assessment criteria. Make internal and external comments against specific scholarship application fields to add context and transparency to your review process.

Engage with academics throughout the assessment process.

Enquire’s notifications, emails and alerts keep your students and research scholarship candidates informed throughout the assessment process. Send personalised correspondence using templates to maintain engagement as you request amendments to scholarship applications or provide updates on assessment outcomes.

Scholarship Management System Client Portal User Interface

Award Scholarship Funds and Manage Milestones

Simplify the process of awarding scholarship funds with Enquire’s payment scheduling and financial integrations. Document generation features allow your team to automate the delivery of acceptance letters and integrated reporting capabilities make managing conditional ongoing payments easy.

Scholarship Management System Client Portal User Interface

Faster letter of acceptance delivery.

Enquire enables predefined letters of acceptance, automated for your convenience to ensure accuracy. Document and contract management is used to store records of signed terms and conditions statements, making it easy to schedule check-ins and track progress.

Maintain clarity over scholarship financials.

Integrate Enquire with your financial system and establish payment milestones to get funds out faster and easier with complete auditability. Create clear schedules for funding delivery to reduce risk and administrative work, automate payments, and notify your team of upcoming payment milestones.

A better way to manage conditional scholarship payments.

Enquire enables scholarship management to track student outcomes through a detailed CRM, with contact details, academic records, and other documents easily stored and managed. Gain detailed outcome responses with configurable update requests sent directly to your scholarship recipient.

Streamline Scholarship Progress and Outcome Reporting

Enquire’s suite of reporting features streamline the collection, analysis, and sharing of the outcomes achieved by your scholarship and research grant recipients. Schedule reporting in line with key dates throughout the academic year, sort and manage responses and create detailed impact reports showcasing the highlights of your school’s academic researchers and elite athletes to donors and other funders.

Define success across scholarship funds with reporting indicators.

The Enquire Scholarship Management solution allows users to configure reporting indicators based on the unique requirements of the scholarship or fund. These indicators also enable management to compare student outcomes between and across your funding areas.

A smarter database to explore and analyse results.

Schedule and send configurable scholarship progress reports against key dates in the academic calendar. Once approved, recipient responses including financials and other key outcomes will be saved and stored against the recipient’s CRM record. Data can then be sorted, filtered, exported, and analysed with Enquire’s BI integrations.

Create complete scholarship outcome reports for all stakeholders.

Once you’ve collected the outcome data reporting is easy. With a range of single-click, automated and enterprise search results Enquire allows scholarship award managers to tailor their reporting to the needs of specific audiences such as donors, faculty leadership, or the broader academic community.

Scholarship Management System Client Portal User Interface

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