Tactiv’s Next Stop: UK

Tactiv is now in the UK. Kicking off with a trade mission, we will be attending networking events with industry leaders to improve the efficiency of the UK’s SaaS and social good ecosystems.

The Next Chapter

Tactiv have been helping organisations in the Australian and New Zealand for-good sectors make and manage social impact for almost two decades. Our Enquire lifecycle management system is purpose-built to meet the needs of this sector and has been continually developed with years of research, user feedback and industry best practices adopted and applied to each iteration of the solution.

We’re proud of the range of organisations we have been able to assist in advancing social programs and community outcomes. Today Enquire is used extensively in Australia and New Zealand, South East Asia and the UAE, serving various use cases ranging from grant and scholarship management, to investment and program management. Tactiv and Enquire have continued to adapt to market developments and challenges in all of these regions, and we have gained a wealth of knowledge that prepares us to take our next steps into international markets.

As part of our mission to help change the way the for-good sector facilitates and manages their impact, we have identified the United Kingdom as a major opportunity. The UK is comparable to the markets we currently serve in several important ways, and our initial research has identified underserved sectors, such as local government. We are excited to take the lessons we have learnt in improving the fund management processes and efficiencies of our current users, and explore how these lessons may be used to level up local council programs in the UK.

We’ve already conducted extensive market research in advance of this trip, including a breakdown of local council needs and how lifecycle management processes are currently being conducted, and are looking to furthering our understandings as we engage with potential clients, partners and collaborators. During our visit, we hope to increase our understanding of the social good sector in the UK, while connecting with the right parties to bring about the digitisation and efficiencies required to move the social impact sector forward using Enquire.

Trade Mission: London Tech Week 12-17th of June

To kick things off Tactiv will be attending London Tech Week, the UK’s flagship tech event. Tactiv have been selected, as Queensland delegates, to attend as part of a UK Department of Industry and Trade mission from Australia and New Zealand. The trade mission includes a specially curated programme to help expedite our UK expansion which covers scaling in the UK, and includes consultancy workshops, and additional information on market conditions.

With over 20,000 attendees committed to technology-for-good, this event will give us the opportunity to collaborate and engage with a range of audiences, enabling us to tailor Enquire to meet local needs. The keynote speakers and attendees include a diverse group of organisations including non-profits, government agencies, corporates, and foundations, as well as groups focused on higher education. Tactiv have served these very industries for two decades and we look forward to seeing how they are delivering social outcomes in the UK.

Tactiv Hosted Meetings

In addition to the events that we will be attending, Tactiv will be hosting various smaller functions and meetings, in and around London. These meetings will give us the opportunity to gather a diverse range of guests to exchange learnings, connect with specialists, and share insights into what makes the UK’s social good sector unique. By engaging in these discussions, we will gain a far better understanding of how this market works, including clarifications on the key similarities and differences we have previously identified. This will further enable us to optimise our implementation to address the specific needs of new users in the UK, ensuring we can level up processes and improve service delivery throughout both the public and private sectors. We hope that the valuable connections made at these meetings will develop into long term relationships, ensuring Tactiv becomes a trusted name in UK tech-for-good circles.

UK Local Government Association Conference 28-30th of June

From the 28th to the 30th of June Tactiv will be exhibiting at the Local Government Association (LGA) Conference in Harrogate, Yorkshire. This timely event will cover pressing issues in local government, including cost of living pressures, sustainability, digitisation, and the management of community funding.

By connecting with members of the LGA, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in the sector and discuss how we can help address these issues. As a purpose-built solution provider, we are happy to share our experience in providing support to improve efficiencies, citizen engagement, impact measurement and outcome reporting.

View this guide if you want to find out more on how Enquire helps UK local governments immediately.

We hope to see you there

We look forward to taking these exciting next steps, and connecting with the UK’s public and for-good sectors to help drive social impact outcomes. If you feel as though you, or someone you know, could help play a part in this journey or benefit from the Enquire system, please reach out to us or share this article.

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