How Enquire powers impact investing – a case study with AVPN

Watch AVPN's story on improved impact investing management and find out how Enquire Fund Management Software drives efficiency, collaboration and outcomes contributing to Asia's development.

AVPN and the need for streamlined impact investing

AVPN is Asia’s largest social investor network with over 600 members across more than 30 countries. They connect a diverse range of stakeholders and address a wide range of causes, from economic development to COVID-19 relief. It is essential that AVPN has systems in place to streamline project delivery, capture data and report on impact outcomes.

In 2021 AVPN launched the first Philanthropic Pooled Funds as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three more funds were launched thereafter, leading to a heavy administrative burden. AVPN identified the need for a full lifecycle management system. Find out what features AVPN required to enhance their impact investing and fund management and how Enquire Fund Management Software plays an important role in this.

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Reduced admin and streamlined processes

AVPN required an efficient, responsive system that reduced administrative tasks and saved time so that staff could focus on delivering maximum impact to affected communities. AVPN discovered the Enquire Online Program, Fund and Grant Management system, which contained a range of features to assist in this process.

Enquire streamlines the entire funding lifecycle, from application to acquittal, with workflows, automations, and templates. These features enable teams of any size to get more done with less, by generating documents with one click, reducing the number of manual tasks, and eliminating bottlenecks in the assessment process. These features also enabled AVPN to work better as a team and maintain better lines of contact with their funding recipients. Enquire’s no coding nature and intuitive interface make it easy to launch new programs fast enabling funding to flow to communities in need within short timeframes.

Collaboration and communication

Enquire supports collaboration and engagement throughout the funding lifecycle – connecting individuals, organisations, staff, and stakeholders. As a cloud-based centralised store of all project data, including documents, CRM information and more, Enquire makes everything readily available to teams working from anywhere.

These features also benefit AVPN’s beneficiaries. Enquire’s client portal makes it easy for organisations to discover and apply to AVPN’s funding rounds. The portal is configurable to AVPN’s branding and allows applicants to receive complete information on available funds – including start and end dates, eligibility criteria and more. All applicants receive feedback with templated notifications, emails, and alerts, tailored to their outcomes. This improves AVPN’s relationships with their recipients, who continue to deliver project updates through the client portal with each funding milestone.

Stakeholder engagement and impact reporting

By incorporating funding recipient outcomes, AVPN benefits from richer reporting. Once approved, client reports automatically reconcile with system data. This data can then be searched for throughout AVPN’s portfolio. Staff can use these searches to assess the impact of a project or program at a glance.

Given AVPN receives funding from some of the world’s largest philanthropic organisations, it is essential that their outcome reporting is consistently of a high standard. Using Enquire’s configurable reporting indicators AVPN is able to show their full impact with ease, linking outcomes across various projects to larger program goals.

How Enquire is empowering AVPN’s programs

Enquire is a purpose-built system used by philanthropic, corporate, not-for-profit, government and higher education organisations to do good, better. With support from Tactiv, the creators of Enquire, AVPN have successfully adopted of this end-to-end lifecycle management tool. This has resulted in significant improvements to their productivity and collaboration, improving their outcome-focused approach to philanthropy and social investing. We are happy to set up a demo to show you how Enquire can work for you.


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