5 Features Powering Smarter Grant Application Management

Whether you manage 100s or 10,000s of grant applications Tactiv's Enquire Grant Management solution helps you work smarter, not harder! With easy-to-use features and practical options Enquire streamlines even the most complex application and assessment processes and applicant engagement.

Managing grant applicants is one of the most intense and critical steps of the grant lifecycle. It’s critical to streamline the administrative processes and ensure effective collaboration. And it makes a big difference if your grant management solution offers the features and capabilities that reflect how you really work.

Tactiv’s Enquire Grant Management solution offers innovative grant application management features across the full grant application lifecycle. Through Enquire’s Client Portal grant managers have a direct ability to engage, interact and inform applicants, all in a single system. Enquire ensures data is fully managed and available to support every step and inform reporting, all from a single authoritative and up-to-date source.

Here are 5 key features you can use to power up easy and effective grant application management.

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Online Applications

Utilising Enquire’s Client Portal grant managers have a secure space to post online grant applications, engage and support applicants. Setting up grant funding opportunities and publishing online applications is a breeze with Enquire.

With everything in a single solution grant managers can eliminate disparate and offline processes like paper-based applications and engage with applicants, track interactions and manage program information to keep applicants up-to-date.

More info: Eliminate Offline Processes with Enquire’s Client Portal

Private Funding Rounds

Not all grant programs are open to the public. Grant program managers need the flexibility to invite applicants to private grant funding rounds. Private grant rounds ensure only pre-identified applicants can apply for grant funding using Enquire’s Client Portal.

Controlling who has access to apply for grant funding reduces administrative time spent withdrawing ineligible applications. It allows funders to target applicants and applicant organisations that meet specific program goals.

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Automatically Targeting Audiences

If you already have a pool of registered applicants Enquire makes it easy to automatically target grant rounds to applicants. Applicants are invited to apply directly to a grant round if they meet your qualifications.

Grant program managers can get a view of who meets their qualifications from their pool of registered applicants through running simple search queries with filters to define parameters, like demographics or locations. This reduces the time it would normally take to manual create and administer a list of qualified applicants.

More info: Targeting Grant Rounds to Applicants

Funding Panels for Applications

Funders often need to create panels of qualified applicants for funding opportunities, but managing panels, and members, can be a lot of work. Using Enquire grant program managers can invite applicants to private grant funding rounds and create a panel for the applicants. The private grant rounds can then be managed more efficiently by interacting with the panel, rather than one by one with each applicant.

The panel ensure only pre-identified applicants can apply for grant funding using the Enquire Client Portal. Controlling access with panels that meet specific funder objectives reduces administrative time spent withdrawing ineligible applications and allows organisations to target grant funding to meet specific program goals.

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Managing Applicant Assessments

With Enquire grant program managers can dramatically improve the time and effort demanded managing assessment and evaluations. Enquire provides user friendly workflow tools that reflect the way the grant process works, including supporting engagement of internal and external participants.

Enquire’s “parallel assessment” allows multiple assessors to actively work on assessments in parallel, using Enquire’s powerful workflow management capabilities. Managers can view parallel workflow tracks, identify issues and take actions to make adjustments when needed, all the time keeping every stakeholder up-to-date and organised so they know what they need to do and when.

More info: Parallel Assessments on Grant Applications

Whether a funding program is aimed at an invite only list of 100s or public programs open to 1000s Enquire provides the tools so grant managers can work smarter, not harder. Enquire seamlessly connects the application process to the internal assessment stages and through to contract, payment and reporting sop grant managers have everything they need to succeed.

How To Submit A Grant Application in Enquire

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