Two pillars of the QLD economy connected for mutual benefit by the The Education Experience Program

As part of the Economic Recovery plan, the Queensland Government launched the The Education Experience Program to support the education sector, whilst also boosting the tourism industry.

As a response to the devastating effects of COVID-19, a program launched connecting tourism and education – two sectors hit severely by the pandemic. For this $1M initiative the Queensland Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport linked school programs and tour operators. They subsidised study trips to some of Queensland’s national treasures: the Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland Outback. It gave eligible schools with relevant curriculum activities the opportunity to apply for a subsidy towards educational trips to these amazing destinations in Queensland. As a consequence, it enabled students to learn about Queensland’s iconic features during place-based educational experiences at these World Heritage sites.

The impact of the program

Tourism operators in these areas registered with the program facilitated the place-based experiences for the students, leading to a boost in economic activity. Snorkeling on the reef or experiencing life on the land in the Outback are an incredible outdoor experience to first-hand learn about these beautiful Queensland eco-systems. A long-term effect will be the increased knowledge and awareness of the Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland Outback by the younger generation. By understanding the importance of the rich history and tremendous value of these areas to our country, they are able to protect and preserve these true Australian treasures.

The program is made possible by the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Tourism and Events Queensland.

Tactiv’s takeaways

An initiative like this demonstrates a great example of philanthropy, supporting communities across different sectors in a timely manner achieving impactful outcomes.

With the help of BUSY At Work Enquire was configured within a week for immediate support to communities in demand. The user-friendly application process started a streamlined and intuitive approach to get funding out to the community fast – key in the volatile circumstances we live in.

With Enquire as the software provider facilitating this program, Tactiv is incredibly proud to be supporting this success.

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