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Improve collaboration with your applicants and external parties with Enquire’s Project Update feature. Here is how Enquire handles this effectively and how it benefits your grant management process.

It’s a familiar process: submitting an application for a grant, research funding or a scholarship. During this application process relevant information is collected to assess whether the applicant is eligible or not. The information provided is of high importance – it’s the foundation of the project, its execution and its outcomes. What happens all too often is that fund managers – for all kinds of reasons – require project updates. These are updates of information initially provided in the form. It’s a common occurrence. But requesting updates of project information can be more fiddly than you think. Emailing back and forth, filling out the entire form again for an update on a small portion of it, re-entering information in the system. It costs time, is prone to error and can be frustrating to both parties.

Let Enquire handle it

Enquire Lifecycle Management software has a capability standard included in the system to streamline requesting project updates. The Project Update feature allows you to send an online information request form directly from Enquire to the applicant for updating. It includes the option to add a reason for the request, instructions and a due date. In Enquire, fund managers can easily view all project update requests in one search overview, what stage they are at and review the updated information. When the changes have been accepted, the information on the record is automatically updated.

It looks like this

At the project level within Enquire, the fund manager chooses to request a project update. You can fill out basic information the basic information regarding the request here.

When saved, you’ll receive the information in a succinct overview. Here you can edit the request in more detail. Choose a due date, add instructions and explain the reason for the request. When done, send the project update request to the applicant. You can always come back to this page to view the summary or current stage of your request.

Once sent, the applicant receives a notification making them aware of the request. They can easily view what needs to be done in the Client Portal of Enquire and start the process immediately.

After clicking start, they jump in the application update form where they can update the project information. Submitting the updated project information in the Client Portal automatically sends the update via Enquire to the fund manager for review.

The fund manager can see the status of all project update requests at all times and use filters for convenient sorting. When submitted by the applicant, the fund manager reviews the information. Once the change is accepted, the information on record will be updated automatically.

The key benefits of this structured approach

Easy and efficient collaboration

For both the fund manager and the applicant, a structured approach towards updated project information saves time and improves clarity. Not endlessly going back and forth, but clear communication around what needs to be done and when, with transparency for both parties. An easy way of collaborating for better outcomes.

A focus on the required information

By sending a form to request the project information, there is a clear focus on only updating the information needed. The fund manager has the option to send an entire form or only certain details for updating. This is a time-saver as well as a way to maintain a lean process.

Better data, less errors

Using Enquire to request project updates moves it through an approval process to ensure the collection of accurate information. It also means that the information needs to be entered only once. When the fund manager accepts the change, the record in Enquire is automatically updated. This avoids double data entry and reduces the chance of errors.

But there is more.

This is just one of Enquire’s features to simplify collaboration with external parties to improve your lifecycle management and impact reporting.

Check out how Enquire improves the overall application stage of your grant management. Or watch a 2-minute video to find out more.

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