Workflow Management

Enquire Workflow Management provides pre-defined workflows to optimise your business processes, and the configurability to create or edit existing workflows to meet new challenges as they arise.

Enquire’s workflow module capability can be configured to execute any system action or event.

A system action or event can include:

  • Data updates
  • Status change
  • Document generation
  • Integration trigger
  • Email notification

A workflow provides a repeatable, pre-defined set of actions a user and step owners require to progress a system event. 

Enquire implements workflow such that the system controls the:

  • Order actions are performed in
  • Users who can perform user actions
  • Recording of the results of actions.

The Administration Portal provides the ability to configure workflows, based on system actions that are have already been pre-configured and tested by Tactiv.

Enquire’s workflow module provides the:

  • Framework for workflows to be configured
  • Tools for workflow administrators to configure specific workflows
  • "Engine" that performs the actions according to the rules
  • Tactiv pre-defined or client specific system actions that have been agreed
  • Controls on the conditions that allow a work flow to be started (or submitted)
  • Ability for authorised Enquire users/ roles to interact with workflows that are executing
  • Ability for the system to record responses to workflow actions and to view the state of data involved in the workflow action as at the time the user responded to the action.
Workflow Management

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