Task Management and Scheduling

Enquire provides task management options ranging from managing milestones, workflows, reporting, feedback and many other common activities associated with grants, contract and project management.

Simplify and reduce the time and effort of management tasks with Enquire’s pre-defined set up.

Enquire’s task management capability provide a wide array of variables that can be flexibility configured, allowing program managers to personalise the task, actions, assignment and outputs.

Plus with automation options, Enquire can help eliminate or reduce the time and effort of standard tasks like reporting.

  • Start immediately with pre-defined task templates
  • Configure tasks to meet additional needs
  • Automate common tasks

With Enquire Task Management the program administration burden is dramatically reduced with predefined templates and automation. Flexibility is enhanced with configuration options to align task management needs to the business demands.

Key Features

Enquire makes managing grant, contract and impact reporting easy with a wide range of ready to use no-code features that streamline administration, improve program visibility and automate reporting management.

Impact Reporting

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Product Updates

October 17, 2022

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Latest News

September 25, 2022

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The demand for value for money, accountability and outcome-based reporting means organisations must have better visibility and control across the full contract lifecycle.

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