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Here’s how Enquire’s Next Gen workflows are improving reporting

Find out about Enquire’s business process workflow capabilities

Enquire’s Next Gen Workflows

Enquire’s underlaying workflow capabilities enhance collaboration and quality of applicant reports, document processes and project update requests. Leading features including step automation, e-form assignment and flexibility in business processes add increased collaboration and transparency to your reporting.

With the addition of comment tracking and document management features, it is easier for your team and external parties using the client portal to collaborate quickly and efficiently. These efficiencies are all part of Enquire’s Next Gen Workflows. Let’s explore the ways they enhance internal and external collaboration and reporting.

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Workflow comments improve collaboration in your project reporting

In the client portal

Enquire’s Next Gen workflows enable greater collaboration and engagement with your funding recipients and other external stakeholders. Client reporting has been enhanced by enabling your funding recipients to comment on their reporting forms, enabling questions to be answered and feedback to be delivered within the reporting form itself.  Comments can also be made against specific questions or items in a form, including read only items.

These benefits also improve the experience of the funding team, who are now able to request additional feedback from their funding recipients. For example, it is common for funding recipients to lodge client reports with incomplete information, such as vague delivery summaries in their milestone reporting. Administrators are now able to attach comments to individual steps or questions in the form before sending it for amendment, so funding recipients can see exactly where more information has been requested. Better yet, they only need to click the comment to be taken to the exact point that the additional data is required. This can greatly enhance the speed at which funding recipients re-submit their reports, as they are seamlessly guided to each flagged comment.

In the management portal

In the management portal, administrators also have access to additional features, such as adding comments to the same form for internal collaboration or providing external comments when sending project update requests or client reports back for amendment. Comments made against the user defined components in your forms can also be filtered on, adding an extra level of refinement to your project specific reporting. These workflow features also make it easy to see who is responsible for each step, using roles-based associations.

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Next Gen Workflows are also enhancing document management

Document management and contract variation have also been enhanced with Enquire’s Next Gen workflows. Management is now able to generate contracts and send them to the client portal for users to download, re-upload with tracked changes, re-upload with signatures, and submit. Enquire manages the versioning of each upload and variation during this process, saving time and leaving a fully auditable version history log in system. Once again, the comment pane allows for administrators and funding recipients to exchange contextual comments and additional information relevant to the contract negotiation, or other document process. This added functionality aligns with our goal of centralising correspondence and minimising the need for messaging outside of the Enquire system.

The Enquire Management Portal showcasing the Next Gen Workflows, workflow details card

As illustrated in this screenshot, the workflow details card contains key information on the progress of steps, and who is assigned for each action. Once again, this ensures greater accountability for each process and the assigned user for each step will receive an alert in their upcoming activities card reminding them to action the item. This streamlines the document management process by ensuring documents are uploaded and received by external parties and internal team members in a timely manner.

Uploaded documents can be sent for amendment, which returns them to the client portal for negotiation, correction, or other changes. Alternatively, an accepted document will be reconciled and saved against the project record. The workflow will also keep track of the upload count against each document submitted, making it easy for you and your team to review changes made before any data is committed to the system.

Let’s make your project reporting processes more collaborative

We are excited to continue rolling out these new workflows features to other Enquire processes in the future. If you’re a current Enquire user and are interested in exploring this feature further for your organisation, or are a new user wishing to get a live demo of the feature please contact us.

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