GovInnovate 2016: Transforming Service Delivery in Government

In November Tactiv participated at the annual GovInnovate conference held in Canberra. Digital transformation, digital identity, “as a service” innovation and data analytics were some of the key themes of the conference.

Government organisations in Australia, and worldwide, are facing increasing demands from the public and other stakeholders to engage digitally, in real-time and interactively.

At the same time government departments and agencies face pressure to do more with less and meet ever more demanding transparency and accountability requirements.

This is a challenge keynote speaker, Lindsay Holmwood of the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), summed up simply in describing their role: “make government services simpler, clearer and faster for everyone”.

The Digital Transformation Agency approaches this challenge in four important and practical ways:

  • collaborating with government agencies to support service transformation
  • collaborating with agencies to transform services so that they meet user needs
  • creating whole-of-government platforms to support service transformation
  • developing policies and standards to help government transform services consistently

The transformation strategy is underpinned by embracing the opportunity cloud services provide, specifically scalability, speed to delivery and reliability. Importantly the DTA has also addressed the critical issue of data security, with analysis and information to ensure that digital transformation is not held back by outmoded models or misunderstandings.

Through the workshops and keynote speakers conference participants heard first hand experiences of their peers and gained insight to the challenges to come. Transacting with citizens, digital service delivery and managing personalised service delivery all demand government opening up systems to support engagement. Innovation, smarter use of data and modernised business processes are all required and are a core driver in determining the software solutions and services that will enable public servants to effectively and productively support the needs of the public.

Tactiv’s Enquire plays an important role in digital transformation since its inception 12 years ago. As a leader in migrating grant program management online, Tactiv adopted the “as a service” model in 2012, transforming Enquire to a SaaS cloud based solution focused on the government sector. Tactiv has empowered its clients to benefit from best practice sector capability backed by a solution that offers the configurability and responsiveness to the complexity of modern government requirements.

As Tactiv continues to enhance Enquire, it will continue to be a leader in supporting digital transformation in the ever-changing public sector. Enquire will continue to deliver the tools and services to help simplify government processes, engage stakeholders internally and externally, and ensure data, interactions and regulatory compliance are accurately reported, transparent and supportive of accountability.

More information on the conference:
More information on Lindsay Holmwood’s presentation:
Pictures from the event and the Tactiv exhibition:

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