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Manage your grant programs smarter with fully integrated grant management software and outcome reporting.

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With Enquire Grant Management Software your organisation can:

  • Publish, assess, and manage grant applications.
  • Provide a clear overview of all grant milestones and payments.
  • Show your full impact on grant projects results and outcomes.

Managing Your Entire Grant Program Online with Enquire

With Enquire Grants Management software you and your team can easily manage the end-to-end lifecycle for all your grant programs. Streamline your administrative tasks, improve access and transparency to information and share the impact of your grant programs with stakeholders.

Enquire Grants Management Software is designed for American Government Agencies, Local Councils, Not-for-Profits, Corporates, Foundations and Higher Education Institutions.

Grant Management Lifecycle Process Diagram
Grant Management Lifecycle Process Diagram

Streamlined Grant Application and Applicant Submission Processes

Help your team take control with a dedicated grants administration system. Set up your organisation’s funding objectives, build online application forms and develop approval processes with streamlined grant assessment workflows. Enquire’s branded client portal lets you manage round open and close dates, publish documents, update guidelines, and offer new grant opportunities.

Grant Management System Client Portal User Interface

Build online application forms just the way you need them.

Create and publish online grant application forms that specifically fit your grant program. Pre-screen applicants with public eligibility criteria and declaration checks to eliminate the influx of low-quality applications. Launch new rounds faster with templated e-forms that can quickly be reconfigured to your requirements.

Take complete control of your funding rounds and external engagement.

Target audiences with public/private and competitive/non-competitive rounds, in your branded client portal, an accessible gateway for applicants to discover grant opportunities. Request amendments to send applicants instant notifications taking them directly to the field that you requested more information from, so you can assess applications faster.

User centric design that drives better applications.

Enquire streamlines the application process with intuitive navigation, data lookup and validation, and auto-filling data for returning users. Applications can be downloaded, saved, and returned to, and files can be attached in a range of formats, giving your applicants the ability to provide the most detailed responses possible.

Simplified Assessments and Awards Solutions

The grant fund assessment stage can be the busiest time for grant providers and their reviewing teams. Enquire makes complex assessment processes simple and efficient with configurable workflows. The platform’s grants management system dashboard makes it easy to track overall progress, and export eligibility information, total scores, assessment outcomes, recommendations, and approved funding data.

Create customised assessment and evaluation criteria.

Utilise flexible assessment and evaluation data options to build qualitative and quantitative reviews. Add structure to the review process by attaching feedback to specific sections and, when needed, re-engage applicants with requests for more information or revisions.

Track assessment outcomes through a grant management dashboard.

Maintain real-time visibility across a grant round or multiple rounds with reporting options for every stage of the grant application and assessment process. Monitor application statuses with assessment workflows and avoid delays by notifying internal and external users when they have upcoming tasks.

Expedite your workflow through bulk recommendations and approvals.

Speed up administration with one-click bulk approvals on application assessments. Enquire allows you to assign roles to team members, and external assessors who can seamlessly submit their recommendations using the client portal.

Grant Management System Client Portal User Interface

Expedited Execution and Award Delivery

When it’s time to execute and deliver grant funding, your team needs a system that works efficiently. Enquire makes it easy to execute grant contracts, manage variations and track the status of all agreements. You can generate and share Word or pdf contracts, letters of offer, and other official documentation directly from Enquire throughout the grant lifecycle.

Grant Management System Client Portal User Interface

Capture file notes on contacts, accounts, and grant agreements.

Maintain relationship information, notes and updates on contacts, accounts and grant agreements for team members. Teams stay organised and work efficiently with grant portfolio data and external correspondence stored in one centralised location.

Gain total visibility of approval and contract status.

Improve grant contract lifecycle management with reporting features to track and view contract milestone progress with workflows to maintain visibility throughout your programs. Enquire helps you manage and progress multiple contracts, timeframes, approvals, and renewals simultaneously.

Generate contracts, letters and documents with one-click features.

Streamline contract management with Enquire’s templates, letters, and document generation solutions. With the ability to create your own templates, organisations can ensure standards and benefit from configurable data options.

Track Financials and Milestones

Staying on top of financials and milestones is crucial to reducing risks and making sound funding decisions. The Enquire Grant Management software offers complete visibility over payment and contract milestones, while providing unparalleled control of funding allocations, budgets, and payment forecasts. Grant managers can proactively manage and organise delivery based on milestones, agreements, organisations, due dates, or status making it easy to report financial data to stakeholders.

Gain control by creating consistent contract schedules.

Create grant contract schedules once and apply them as needed to standardise contract management. Reduce risk and administrative costs while delivering predictability for all contracted parties.

Obtain a clear view of payments across all grant agreements.

Gain powerful reporting capabilities to search and view any information on grant agreements. Improve financial management with up-to-date grant payment information.

Never miss a date or funding opportunity with automated alerts and notifications.

Automatically generate alerts for key dates from grant contract schedules, to support reporting, payments, and other contractual milestones. Set up notifications for all stakeholders engaged in the grant lifecycle to ensure tasks are completed on or ahead of schedule.

Grant Management System Client Portal User Interface

Holistic Reporting and Efficient Acquittal

Show your full impact and achieve greater outcomes by having a clear understanding of grant relationships, operations, financials, and results. Grant recipients can submit client reports against their milestones through the client portal and provide feedback on their performance, outputs, outcomes, and financials.

Grant Management System Client Portal User Interface

Demonstrate success by reporting results, indicators, and outcomes.

Collect important information using client reports with configurable reporting indicators throughout your programs. Approved client reporting data automatically reconciles with pre-existing data and is easy to access with all infomration contained in a single system.

Aggregate grant outcome data to paint the big picture.

Link your grant funding to tangible outcomes by tracking expenditure against reporting indicators. Then roll up these project reporting indicators to the program level to improve comparability and show stakeholders the full impact of your grant portfolio.

Get reports done in a single day.

Simple one-click, automated reporting and enterprise search means grant managers can deliver up-to-date, accurate reporting with ease. Set reporting data for different audience needs and ensure that your organisation always delivers on schedule.

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