Increased data analytics with Enquire’s advanced search functionality

Collecting and interpreting data is key to measuring and reporting performance. It provides you with valuable knowledge that underpins informed decision making. Enquire is THE grant management software that helps you do this.

Enquire is a complete and integrated grant, contract and impact reporting tool. The software holds an abundance of critical and valuable data. This enables program managers to easily aggregate data collected from projects simply into program reports providing oversight to all stakeholders. Being able to have search functionality that aggregates and displays this data in a clear and digestible way is critical for seeing return on social investment and funding allocations.

Enquire’s advanced search functionality leverages data across programs, rounds and projects enabling clear insight of the different layers within the system. This way, you can extract the exact data you need. Read more about this in a previous blog.

But it gets better.

Advanced search functionality within Enquire now allows you to aggregate your data even more specific to your needs. Create a digestible overview of the exact data you need within a few mouse clicks.

User Defined Components

User Defined Components play a huge role when Enquire customers need to manage a group of fields together. Instead of individual standalone fields, organisations can group fields together of different types to make a data component.

This is very powerful to self-configure application forms and project record sets to capture important and critical information.

With Enquire’s enhanced search capability, this data collected through management and reporting can be aggregated up to the program level and reported back to stakeholders and funders with ease.

User Defined Component

Project Cost Calculator

Similar to User Defined Components, Project Costs are now included in the Program search capabilities. Costs across all projects are easily aggregated up to a program view giving clear oversight and empowering program managers to make great decisions every day. Generate an overview of costs within a few clicks. It’s never been so easy to get a clear view on your costs related to programs, rounds and projects.

Program costs

In summary, Enquire’s extended search capability allows you to search across programs, rounds and projects, including user defined information and project costs. Above all, it’s presented in a digestible format for you to interpret easily. No longer is it required to spend hours on a report for your stakeholders – it’s a few clicks away!

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