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With more and more programs, rounds and projects, reporting can be challenging. It’s important to have a clear view of your data and have the ability to see the relationship between certain data points. Filters are the solution!

In Enquire, we have now made it easier to display the data you need in the global project search. Where it was already possible to filter on certain data within the projects or within rounds, including your own user defined data points, you can now combine them and use filters across projects, rounds and programs.

This means you can extract data by filtering on certain program or round information in the global project search to generate the exact view of data you need. You can save your filters for frequent easy access too!

So, do you often need to have a look at all open projects in a specific program or round, valued over $50,000? No problem! Filter on the exact data you need and save your filter for easy access and save time in the future.

What is this useful for?

  • Keeping track of milestones and progress
  • Get the exact information you need in one view
  • Easy and precise reporting back to stakeholders
  • Easy access to your data selection by being able to save your search queries and filters

View the exact selection of data, across programs, rounds and project you need in Enquire. Want to see it in action? Request a free demo today.

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