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To create a trusted, secure and convenient login to the Enquire Client Portal, we have integrated Enquire with RealMe for one of our clients in New Zealand. A simple and safe way to prove your identity online.

We have login details and password for everything nowadays and it can be hard to keep track, while still keeping it secure. To make it simple and safe for Enquire users, we have now integrated Enquire for the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment with RealMe – the federated login management service in New Zealand, initiated by the New Zealand Government. It’s a way to safely and securely prove your identity online and have access to a range of government provided services, such as immigration, employment and passport related matters and more. 

Easy access with Enquire RealMe integration

A variety of organisations use RealMe verified login options to offer a secure and trusted way for their clients to prove their identity online. Examples are ANZ, University of Auckland and now also Ministry for the Environment– with Tactiv as their technical partner to establish the interface between Enquire and RealMe 

We are excited about this combination of innovation and trusted partnerships to continuously add value to our product offering and provide features that assist our clients in their grant management, contract management and impact reporting journey. 

Contact us to learn how we can help your organisation with your grant and contract management and possibly any individual requirements.

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