Build Your Own Online Grant Application Form with Enquire

Extend your grant program's reach and improve your grant management processes with Enquire's new online grant application form builder. Enquire makes it easy and fast to update, change or create new online grant applications.

Extend your grant program’s reach and improve your grant management processes with Enquire’s new online grant application form builder.

Enquire’s upcoming release provides the ability to create custom online grant application forms. Forms are attached to a grant round and once a grant round is published the online form becomes available to applicants. A 2014 grant round can have one application, while next year’s grant round may use another. Each grant round can have its own unique online grant form, meaning you can create as many online grant forms as needed to meet your organisation’s requirements.

What does this mean?

Enquire’s form builder for online grant applications is part of a larger scope of work to support an complete grant application process. This new functionality will provide a gateway for organisations to publish grant applications online for any available grant rounds, have applicants register and apply, then track and assess the application including directly integrating the applicant data into a project. One system, one source of all project management lifecycle data.

The new grant application form builder is highly customisable and configurable. It allows you to create form sections where you can set the data needed, such as a title like “Applicant Details”, with options for instructional text. Under each section you can identify data fields or even incorporate Enquire smart components, you require applicants to complete. Build as many sections as you like and use as many components as required. Drag and drop user interaction makes building your own online grant application forms a simple process.

How will it effect your use of Enquire”.

The new online grant application form will also change the internal process of application creation. Your team will have the option to create an application on behalf of an external applicant. For example, an applicant may call in with all their details for a grant round application allowing a staff member to log into enQuire and submit the form through verbal instruction.

Alternatively, internal staff may choose to skip the form process and move immediately into the tabbed application data record to submit the applicant information. As a result organisations can choose to employ whichever process or combination of processes that best suits their needs to process grant applications.

The new form builder and flexible back end processes means Enquire offers new ways to directly interact with grant applicants online as well as supporting offline processes to give organisations the flexibility they need to improve, extend and support their grant program business processes.

Enquire’s online grant application form builder will be available shortly for Enquire clients, including help and support information on the Enquire Help site.

In the meantime if you have any questions about this new capability or want more information on Enquire’s new form builder please contact the Tactiv Help Desk or call us on +61 7 3846 1555.

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