Integrate Enquire With Your Existing Business Solutions

Save time and money while improving your business operations. Highly sociable, integrate Enquire with popular industry software systems like MS Sharepoint, ArcGIS, and SAP.

Organisations, large and small, are pressured by investors, government, clients and communities to better align planning, report and monitor performance, assure regulatory and financial compliance while delivering efficient grant, contract and project management. Integrate Enquire to provide a bridge between existing enterprise systems to improve grant, contract and project management.

Depending on the business challenge the lack of integration between systems complicates business processes and decision-making. Much of this is related to poor information management, with many organisations unable to easily share and access data across all business areas.

Effort is wasted on duplicated and erroneous data and processes that are not efficient nor supportive of organisation-wide needs. Substantial resources are required in collating, reconciling and verifying data that could otherwise be focused on delivery.

Responding to these challenges organisations often adopt new technology products and solutions. Few small-to-medium organisations (SMEs) use a single solution to support all business functions. More often than not organisations employ a range of best of breed solutions to meet challenges.

Each solution can provide substantial benefits to the business area or resolve a specific challenge. However faced with the need to interact with other business divisions, physical locations or demands for organisation-wide information, many still fail to provide an end-to-end option.

A more effective approach is to integrate core business systems with Tactiv’s Enquire a business process optimsation system designed for public funded programs.

Enquire can support an entire business function or complement parts of existing business operations. Enquire can be integrated with a variety of internal existing systems so organisations can better meet their business challenges, while leveraging their existing software investments.

Organisations can retain their flexibility and ability to scale up or down, they are not replacing existing systems with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Integrating existing systems with Enquire is based on understanding each organisation’s goals and challenges. Tactiv’s consultants work with organisations to understand:

  • What information needs are not being answered?
  • What information is critical to streamlining operations?
  • How much does the lack of integration cost?
  • What level of integration is really needed (real-time, overnight, monthly)?
  • What actual return will integration bring in the short and long-term?

Organisations continually need to do more with less. Business areas need to respond quickly in adopting technology products to answer their immediate challenges.

Integrating existing business systems, like Sharepoint, ArcGIS and Quickooks, with Enquire, organisations can create a bridge across these separate systems to deliver the information needed to support better business performance, reporting and management.

If you are interested to learn more about integrating Enquire and how it may work with your existing suite of products, contact us or call +61 7 3846 1555.

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