Meet Enquire at the 2014 Australian National NRM Conference

Meet Tactiv at the Australian National Natural Resource Management 2014 Conference is being held on March 17 to 19th in Launceston, Tasmania. 

The Australian National Natural Resource Management 2014 Conference is being held on March 17 to 19th in Launceston, Tasmania. Hosted by NRM North (Tasmania) this is the 5th annual conference.

Enquire, as a leading grants, contracts and project management software system for the natural resource management sector in Australia, is excited to have the opportunity to not only attend but also invites you to visit our information booth on Wednesday 19th of March at the main conference center.

Enquire is a whole of lifecycle grants management software system specially designed for the Natural Resources Management industry. Our grants and project management software system is now used widely across Australia, with over $600 million is funds managed, 1500 users and featuring coverage of over 50% of Australia’s land mass. From Queensland to Tasmania and across to Western Australia Enquire delivers an enterprise strength solution to support NRM organisations with their grant funded programs and projects.

This year’s conference features the theme “Regional NRM Communities in Action: viable communities, productive and healthy landscapes.” As such it is focused on how NRM councils engage, communicate and reporting on the “value of working with communities to address the NRM challenge.” Enquire is well suited to support and help NRM bodies deliver on this goal with innovative and easy to use features including:

  • Performance reporting including support for the state and Commonwealth reporting requirements
  • Communications and stakeholders management with on demand and scheduled reporting with information customised for each recipient
  • Capacity building tools to help organisations standardise business process and procedures
  • Compliance, financial and administration risk management features

Enquire goes further than a standard grant and project management software system, with specialised features that are designed to?meet the needs of Australian NRMs, including:

  • GIS mapping incorporation
  • Delivery Area, Portfolio, Program and Project hierarchy
  • Look up features to verify important information like ABN and other data

Driven by the Enquire national reference group of over 20 members from the natural resource management bodies across Australia, Enquire continues to grow and develop as new and changing requirements and challenges impact NRM organisations.

Find out more about Enquire, meet us at our information booth, or contact us to arrange for a meeting or demonstration. Damien Zeller, COO, and Matthias Levy, lead analyst, look forward to meeting and hearing from you. Contact us directly on: or call us on +61 7 3846 1555.

Find more information about the conference on their website here, or their Facebook page.

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