Set Project Standards With Enquire to Improve Project Administration and Management

Standardise your project administration and management using innovative features in Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software system to manage project processes, documents and communications.

Implement standard project processes and procedures in your organisation to improve enterprise wide project administration and management. With simple to use tools Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) clients can streamline their efforts and focus time, money and attention on results.

Many large organisations, government departments and commercial enterprises have a project office or business area responsible for setting the overall standards and processes for managing and administering projects.

These project offices are faced with the need to monitor, manage and support project delivery in order to ensure they achieve significant efficiencies and benefits. Adopting a software solution to that can flexible support enterprise wide business process optimisation and standardisation is critical to improving project administration and management.

Financial, compliance and risk management are critical challenges for organisations involved with publicly funded program delivery. They must ensure funds are focused on project delivery, not duplicated administration, data management issues or ad hoc reporting relying on differing data and systems within and across the organisation.

Here are three straightforward and simple to implement features within Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software system to help you improve enterprise wide program management.

1) Improve Your Master Data

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) incorporates Contact Management to help manage and maintain all relevant contacts, internal and external, and their roles.

Through adding all your stakeholders, both internal to your organisation and external, you can improve project administration and management. With a contacts directory in place you can:

  • Communicate, comment, track and deliver activity alerts to all team members.
  • Provide the ability for external parties to directly submit their original project delivery data and reports to the project avoiding duplicate entry and improving data turn-around timeframes.
  • Improve team members understanding of their project roles with user definitions in Enquire. This will help define their responsibilities making project team member interaction more streamlined as they will only need to interact with the data and features in Enquire they need to do their job.
  • Expand the number of project team members through by using roles to extend access while ensuring Enquire’s security manages their access. This will support more meaningful and targeted interaction, direct data entry and standard workflow processes that are contained and managed directly in Enquire avoiding duplicate or differing systems.

2) Set Standards

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) support templating and business process management for one to many projects. Create templates, set up a project folder and file system and use workflows to manage engagements. Ensure every project follows the standard steps, required documents, file naming and process order.

  • Set up standard project foldersfor maintaining and managing all project documentation. This not only assists in ensuring a standard set of project administration and project document management procedures are in place, it also illustrates the project document standards and order to all others.
  • Clone the project folder/file standard for each new project to ensure every time a new project is initiated the project manager, project administrators and project team members all understand the requirements. This will eliminate each team member following their own project approach, using their own file system and file naming resulting in differing data, lack of comparability and, generally, a higher project administration cost.
  • Improve organisational project reporting and information management with a simple standard project folder system. Make future project reporting, or compliance management, audits or reviews easier with all project information easily accessible through Enquire’s single source of data, easily accessible through maintaining a standard across all projects. Find what you need, quickly, regardless of whether the project is active, parked or completed.

3) Manage Document Collaboration

Project interactions and collaboration on documents is all easily supported with Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) document services, including generation, storage and management.

  • Attach all project documents in Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM)to manage and store project information.
  • Use project roles to allow team members to comment within Enquire on project documents appropriate to their level of security and role.
  • UseFileit@enquire to capture and store important information passed through email so project information is not lost, or left in an email inbox.
  • Trigger and track effectiveness of actions, decisions and other project administration and management inputs through Enquire’s workflows.

Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offers organisations an easy to use, effective, web based project administration and management system.

This has been recognized in Australia and internationally. In the 2009 Australian Government National Audit reported, also noted by the OECD, that

“Achieving and reporting better outcomes are in many respects complex information and indicator issues. Regional bodies and state governments have found it necessary to establish sophisticated project management tools which track expenditure against targets (e.g. ” (Information, indicators, agricultural productivity and sustainable practices Australian case studies,

Improve your organisation’s information management, compliance, financial and risk management through the Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software.

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