Enquire Delivers New Project Performance Management Tools for Your Projects

Enquire delivers an expanded range of project performance management and financial management features so project managers can track, monitor, measure and report on project performance and finances more easily than ever before.

An important part of project management is tracking the quantifiable measures, key performance indicators and project finances. Project performance management is critical for program managers to ensure projects remain on track and they can easily report results.

Now Enquire delivers an expanded range of project performance and financial management features so project managers can track, monitor, measure and report on project performance and finances more easily than ever before.

Industry leader in providing project managers, and their organisations, a full life-cycle end-to-end project management software system, Enquire has released a powerful set of new features to streamline and improve project performance management within and across projects along with new financial management features. These new features offer a simple, intuitive and inductive method to assist project managers to effectively manage the entire project life-cycle online.

There are three key features that extend and improve Enquire’s project performance management capabilities:

1. Optimised Project Performance Management Tools

Enquire always seeks to improve ease of use and interactivity so project managers can get the information they need quickly and easily. Based on feedback Enquire now features an optimised project “Outputs” tab in the main dashboard. The simple and intuitive Outputs tab allows direct access to set-up, manage and access important information on a project?s measureable performance schedule.

The new table layout is visually attractive to ensure easy interaction and readability. Plus with new action buttons project managers can quickly locate what they are looking for and need to do.

2. Tracking and Managing Project Outputs

Using Enquire, project managers can now track and manage all project outputs with greater flexibility and clarity. Project performance management features are now available via the “Outputs” tab offering a fast and simple way to edit and add new project outputs.

With the new Outputs tab, Enquire supports busy project managers to stay in control and on top of their project outputs and outcomes. With a focus on improved clarity and access to project performance management tools?project managers will find it much easier to manage and maintain important project data.

The new Outputs feature continues to draw on contractual data, but now provides top down reporting so that project managers have contextual views of how their data links and interacts. This contextual view assists project managers in adding quantifiable key performance indicators and measurable outputs for more effective project management and reporting.

New edit options also provides project managers quick links to select an action and proceed to edit, update, delete or move a project output to another project task easily.

3. Improving Project Performance Management Assessment

Enquire has always provided advanced capability to link, track and manage performance data as part of managing the full life-cycle of a project. Now greater flexibility and capabilities to update and add project measures make it even easier and more robust.

Due to the complex nature organisations meet their contractual obligations, projects often deliver across an array of program works. Enquire’s new streamlined method of indicating a project’s delivery against organisational contracts ensures all measurement data is captured simply and aggregated across all linked projects and their performance measures. Enquire project managers now have the option to link their project performance management measures to multiple milestones in one click.

This simple and effective approach ensures outputs managed and tracked in Enquire can be linked to multiple milestones quickly. Outputs are added, then linked, to relative contract management milestones. This new flexibility ensures performance measures can exist within a project and/or a contract.

As a result meeting contractual milestones has never been easier. With new top down views project managers can more easily and quickly report on aggregated performance of project achievements and project progress against organisational schedules.

Delivering advanced project performance management features and financial management tools in an easy to use end-to-end online project management system is critical to Enquire and its clients. From aligning plans, performance measures and reporting to a full suite of project management and administration tools Enquire continues to redefine what to expect from an online project management system.

Ensuring project managers can meet their needs, and that of their organisations, continues to drive growth and development of Enquire as the tool of choice to deliver better project management, project performance management, and ultimately, the critical information needed for better decision-making.

For more information on how Enquire can help you and your organisation better manage projects, project performance assessment and project reporting contact Tactiv or call us on +61 7 3846 1555.

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