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Notifications, emails and alerts - they might be very much embedded in our daily lives, but they are worth talking about. It keeps people aware, informed, in the loop and on the same page. In the grant management process it's very important to gather information from applicants and external stakeholders during the assessment and reporting phase. And Enquire has just the right feature for this!

Notifications are particularly important in the application process. Information about the applicant needs to be gathered to assess whether they meet the requirements to receive the funds. Or during the reporting phase, when the funder has to report on impact. They have to collect information from the beneficiaries to find out how they performing on their milestones. In both cases, notifications have to be sent out to collect this information. But you can use Enquire’s notification feature for so much more!

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Easy, fast and always on track with Enquire’s Notification feature

We have now improved Enquire’s notification feature to include notifications, emails and alerts to applicants and external stakeholders. A Management Portal user, the funder, can send or schedule an email to notify an applicant or client directly from Enquire. Notifications can be sent throughout the entire application lifecycle to either request further information, inform applicants of a decision on their application or anything else.

And then?

The notification is then saved against the customer’s record in Enquire to maintain transparency. The feature allows for the use of pre-canned responses, free text and merged data. The latter automatically populates fields in your email notification with data from the record in Enquire. This keeps it simple, efficient and avoids errors. Furthermore, you can automate and schedule emails at any time to make sure you always stay on track and never miss a deadline or reporting date!

What are the benefits of the Enquire’s Notification feature?

  • Save time. Not having to switch between systems to notify your clients or applicants saves you time. Also, using merged data reduces your time looking up and verifying data.
  • Less room for error. The feature allows you to use merged data – the data already in Enquire. This is efficient, but also allows for one source of truth, so less mistakes.
  • One central space. All information regarding the application or external stakeholder is saved in one place. This improves transparency and accessibility for everyone.
  • Always on track. Never miss communication points by scheduling and automating notifications. It keeps everyone in the loop, informed and on track.

How To Send Email Notifications in Enquire

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