4 common worries when changing grant management system (and how we’ve got you covered)

Change can be scary. And difficult. But it can also be beneficial. We know there are worries regarding changing grant management systems. We've got you covered.

Change management is one of the most difficult things to manage. It involves people, systems, processes and behaviour. And they are all interlinked. Changing your grant management system is one of these things. It can be that you move from one system to another, or from a very manual and paper-based approach to software. No matter what, a big shift in how you used to do things is about to happen.

This may create some challenges and this is where we can help. Because we know these challenges. Our extensive experience in the NFP and government sector have shaped our product, Enquire, and service to address these challenges and make it easier for you.

Let us take your biggest worries away

1. Data migration

Our system provides quick and easy migration capabilities which takes the hassle of data migration away for you. No need to worry about this, we’ve got your covered. Want to know how? Learn about Enquire’s 5 easy steps of data migration here.

2. User experience

A different grant management system, and software in particular, can be received with hesitance by some people. We have over 15 years of experience in grant management, contract management and impact reporting. The latest version of Enquire offers a modern user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. We have done an immense amount of research and development. As a result we offer best practice software, easy to use for everyone and configurable to your organisation.

3. Implementation effort

Implementing a new grant management system is not easy for everyone. Some people can be quite hesitant to change, don’t see the value and there can be a learning curve. But our experienced team has done this many times before and we have optimised the implementation steps for you. We have an in-depth onboarding process, plenty of resources available and an excellent support desk. Combined with Enquire being a user-friendly and intuitive grant management system, you can be up and running in a few days.

4. Costs

With Enquire, you have control over how much you pay. As opposed to other grant management systems, you pay per user. We do not charge additional fees, hosting or bandwidth restrictions and handle different pricing for enterprises. Additionally, Enquire is scalable. You can use the features you want when you want with the flexibility to adapt to your growth.

We work closely with our clients to keep improving Enquire based on their needs and changes we observe in the market. As a result, we deliver a grant management system that’s at the forefront of innovation and technology. Being part of the Enquire community, this will be directly available to you.

Want to know more about Enquire as a possible partner in your grant management journey?

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