Connect Contacts to Workflows, Communications and Reporting in Enquire Contract Management

Contract management is a collaborative effort between individuals, organisations and staff. Better managing reporting, relationships, contract roles and security is made easy by connecting CRM contacts with contract management in Enquire.

Organisations utilising Enquire’s Relationship Management (CRM) features and Contract Management features ensure due diligence and improved business processes.  These features include role-based access and security, enhanced tracking of communications and collecting the right data for stakeholder reporting.

Improving Business Processes

Key business processes can be configured to be role based. For example, a contract approval process for an organisation is a 3-step process involving the Contract Manager, Business Development Manager and the CEO as the final signatory and approver.  The contract approval process in Enquire ensures only staff with the relevant access can action a step in the workflow. Enquire workflows are configured so that each  user with the relevant role can access the information at precisely the point needed to action their assigned step. Alerts and notifications ensure each actor is aware.

Contract workflow in Enquire

Workflow status reporting provides the ability for program managers to review bottlenecks and make changes needed. Workflow steps and roles can be easily reassigned due to staff absence or onboarding. A new staff member can be quickly assigned the required role to keep the workflow moving, ensuring deadlines are met.

Enhancing Communications

Enquire’s contract management tools can be easily linked to the CRM. A contract manager can quickly access relevant details about any delays through the contract record. Being able to quickly access the contract record and associated relationships allows the user to review any previous communication to inform any follow ups.

Contract managers have full view of the entire engagement history, audit log of interactions and a history of changes all at their fingertips.  This ensures contract managers can identify issues and target their actions to avoid any delays which may put the contract off course.

This is a benefit as typically most organisations have separate CRM systems and contract management systems or processes. Many have neither or rely on Excel spreadsheets and filing through emails. This introduces risk that can jeopardise contract renewals, investments and compliance. Communications are more efficient, while supporting individualised communications based on role and information access/need as well.

Targeted Stakeholder Reporting

Enquire Relationship Management (CRM) and Contract Management features allows organisations to identify and deliver targeted reporting based on each actor’s information needs.

Relationships are representative by contact records and displayed as suppliers, project delivery agents, investors or other stakeholders. Each has a specific information need and role in the process. Enquire’s CRM capability allows deep profiling for contacts, so contract managers can streamline administration.   For example, a contract manager uses a saved search on a fortnightly basis to export data on contactor organisation, main contractor contact, contract value, contract period, geolocation and contract status.  The report will be used to plan and inform business.

Enquire’s scheduled and automated reporting can reduce the time and cost of reporting and ensure the data is accurate and up to date.

Contract management is a collaborative effort between individuals, organisations and staff. Managing reporting, relationships, contract roles and security around who can access contract data and when is made easy simply by connecting CRM contacts with contract management in Enquire.

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