Store, track and manage your contracts online.

Enquire Contract Management delivers complete visibility, single point of data access, and alerts and automations to improve fund and delivery management.

Best practice contract management software for Australian and New Zealand Government Agencies, Not-for-Profits, Corporates and Foundations.

Online Contract Repository

Bring order to your contract management by centrally storing all agreements securely and online.

Deliver contract visibility and accessibility and eliminate siloed contract files across systems and in emails with a contract management repository that is secure, accessible and managed.

Centralising your contract data is the first step to improving security, access, control and visibility on contracts and contractual obligations. With an online contract repository, contract managers reduce risk by working from a single source of truth.

Bring together all your contracts in a single contract repository. Centralising all contracts provides visibility to information to make it fast and easy to source information while reducing the risks of missing critical obligations.
With all your contracts centralised your library is a secure repository where you can capture data that you need to manage your contracts. With easy access in one location you always have the most up-to-date versions.
Enquire integrates with Microsoft Word so your team and other users can quickly and easily interact, collaborate and generate contracts without any training or change management impacts.

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Enquire Contract Management Online Contract Repository
Enquire Contract Management Software Form Builder
Enquire Contract Management Contract Data Capture
Enquire Contract Management Generate Contract Docs

Automate Alerts and Reporting

Make contract administration easy and responsive with proactive capabilities like automated alerts and reporting.

Manage key dates and obligations and reduce administrative overheads with automating alerts on key dates, milestones, payments and obligations with Enquire’s online contract management software.

Working from readily available data from your online contract repository Enquire improves your contractual relationships with suppliers, financial management and progress/milestone reporting.

Never miss an important date again – automate notifications about milestones and renewals. Set notifications for yourself, your team and other stakeholders and track progress.
Improve communications with partners, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders with automated reporting. Configure information and schedules and let Enquire take care of rest.
Keep up-to-date with all activity across your contracts and contract relationships. Enquire provides timely emails and notifications on changes made, upcoming obligations and interactions needing attention.

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Enquire Contract Management Software Automate Alerts
Enquire Contract Management Set Alerts
Enquire Contract Management Automate Alerts
Enquire Contract Management Email Notifications

Payments and Contract Milestones

Reduce your risks and make great decisions every day with complete visibility over payment obligations and contract milestones.

Enquire financial services provides you unparalleled control of funding allocations, budgets, forecasts, payment milestones and supports ERP integration.

Track performance across contracts so you and your team can manage and administer delivery by milestones, agreements, organisations, due dates and status.

Don’t miss out on important funding and payments. Enquire provides robust and easy-to-use financial services for monitoring and managing funding, budgeting and payments in real time.
Easily configure standard or fit-for-purpose contract schedules. Connect related schedules to drive a fully integrated capability to manage payments, so you stay ahead of financial obligations.
Track and report on upcoming milestones for a single contract, a program or all contracts. Manage your resources, improve planning forecasts and inform decision-making with accurate and up-to-date visibility on milestones.

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Enquire Contract Management Software Payments and Milestones
Enquire Contract Management Contract Payment  Schedule
Enquire Contract Management Contract Schedules
Enquire Contract Management Milestone and Progress View

Manage External Suppliers and Workflows

Engage with external suppliers directly through Enquire’s Client Portal. Save time and effort by centralising all engagements on a single source of truth and single system to eliminate duplication and risks.

Streamline administration with online processes to avoid bottlenecks and work arounds. With Enquire easily create workflows to directly engage your team and external suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

With a whole contract lifecycle view ensure compliance and delivery are supporting your capacity to achieve your mission.

Create and publish your own robust templates and configurable workflows for all contract types. Set standards to bring discipline to contracts with flexibility to respond to changes as they occur.
Extend your reach beyond your team to other business areas, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders with secure access and roles. Enquire’s Client Portal connects all parties to the same system and the same source of truth.
Deliver transparency and confidence across all contract activity with a full audit trail of negotiation and complete compliance. Manage and maintain all interactions in one place.

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Enquire Contarct Management Software Manage External Suppliers
Contract Management Configure Workflows
Enquire Contract Management Supplier Access
Enquire Contract Management Notifications

Information for Decision-Making

Deliver deep insights and business intelligence to improve decision-making, fund management and contract performance.

With Enquire get ahead of issues and risks with proactive progress monitoring and reporting. Leverage your data to drive improvements in compliance and delivery performance management.

Keep your focus on doing good and making great decisions with Enquire’s real-time analytics to inform and optimise decision-making.

Focus on the data that matters to you. Enquire comes preconfigured with standard data fields plus offers flexible “no code” configurability so you can define and customise any additional data you need.
Find everything you need fast! Enquire’s powerful search allows you to manage and search all contracts, centrally and electronically, filter, and save search reports for future quick access.
Evidence your results and improve information for decision-making. With Enquire deliver accurate and up-to-date reporting on your program contracts. Gain insights to your performance with data analytics.

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Enquire Contract Management Software Reporting
Enquire Contract Management Master Data Configuration
Enquire Contract Search
Enquire Contract Management Reports

Make great decisions every day

Try Enquire™ for free. Book a demo to find out how Enquire™ can transform your contract management.

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Powering you to do good, better.

Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting across our 3 easy-to-use online solutions.

Enquire Grant Management Software
  • Publish and administer online grant applications online
  • Manage grant contracts, projects and relationships
  • Report on grant status, budgets, milestones and impacts
Learn More
Enquire Contract Management Software
  • Online contract repository for all contract documents
  • Generate contracts, set alerts and track contract status
  • Automate reporting, renewals and milestone tracking
Learn More
Enquire Impact Reporting Software
  • Set and track plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Collaborate externally, capture data and communicate
  • Grow investment and improve investor relations
Learn More

The Enquire Advantage

The leading easy-to-use and flexible “no code” online software solution for grant, contract and impact reporting management for government agencies, not-for-profits, corporates and foundations since 2005.

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    Web Based,
    Available 24/7/365

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    Practice Standards

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