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Enquire Contract Management Software


Best practice contract management software for Australian and New Zealand Government Agencies, Not-for-profits, NGOs and Foundations.


Online Contract Repository

Eliminate contract files stored locally, across systems and in emails with a contract management repository that is secure, accessible and managed.

Deliver contract visibility and accessibility

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Contract Document Management Software

Automate Alerts and Reporting

Reduce administrative overheads with automating alerts on key dates, milestones, payments and obligations with online contract management software.

Manage key dates and obligations

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Enquire Contract Management

Online Lifecycle Processes

Streamline administration with online processes to avoid bottlenecks and eliminate duplication, ad hoc processes and work arounds.

Reduce costs and streamline administration

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Contract Workflow Management

Systems Integration

Enquire contract management software connects key business systems to eliminate data duplication and allow real time integration to key business systems.

Eliminate errors and automate end to end processing

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Contract Management Integrations

A.I. and Analytics

Deliver deep insights and business intelligence to improve decision making, fund management and contract performance.

Optimise lifecycle and inform decision making

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Contract Analytics

Make Great Decisions Every Day

Find out how Enquire™ can save money, reduce risk and prepare you for the future.

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Key Features

Enquire Contract Lifecycle Management software features easy to configure options, including:

Risk and Issue Management

Risk and Issue Management

Make risk and issue management an active...

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Variations Management

Variations Management

Respond to changing requirements or relationships through...

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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management offers full feature capabilities including...

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Enquire Features

Enquire offers a wide range of integrated features to streamline administration and improve lifecycle management.

Enquire™ Lifecycle Management Solutions

Enquire delivers streamlined administration, visibility and reporting across 6 ready to implement best practice solutions.

  • Manage any number of grant projects
  • Connect contracts, budgets and project schedules
  • Integrated solution from application to reporting

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  • Administer contract process with online workflows
  • Schedule contract generation, view and verify contract status and review changes
  • Manage all contract related documents

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  • Employ best practice project management
  • Streamline processes to increase capacity
  • Deliver project status, performance and financial reports

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  • Maintain contractual arrangements and supplier profiles
  • Align contracts to renewal milestones, reports and alerts
  • Perform expenditure and progressive spending analysis

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  • Maintain detailed contact profiles
  • Align contacts to project responsibilities
  • Support secure system access and single sign on

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  • Client centered case management
  • Lifecycle management of relationship and information
  • Proactive engagement to support results

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The Enquire™ Advantage

Leading cloud-based software as a service solution for grant, contract and impact reporting for Government Agencies, Not-for-Profits, Corporates and Foundations since 2005.

Online, easy to use and secure best practice software with full support.

  • Web-Based-Available

    Web Based,
    Available 24/7/365

  • Built-on-Best-Practice-Standards

    Built on Best
    Practice Standards

  • Enterprise-Class-Solution

    Class Solution

  • Software-as-a-Service-(Saas)-License

    Software as a Service
    (Saas) License

  • Integrate-with-Existing-Systems

    Integrate with
    Existing Systems

  • Monthly-User-Based-Pricing

    Monthly User-Based

  • Full-Support-and-Training

    Full Support
    and Training

  • No-Bandwidth-or-Hosting-Fees

    No Bandwidth
    or Hosting Fees


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