Tactiv Approved as a Supplier on UK Government Digital Marketplace

Tactiv is now an approved G-Cloud supplier to the UK public sector.

Tactiv has been approved as a cloud software service provider on the UK Digital Marketplace under the latest G-Cloud framework and approved supplier listing.

The UK Digital Marketplace provides guidance for buyers and suppliers, service listings and other related information for cloud technology. Public sector organisations including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects. By March 2018 the G-Cloud frameworks had facilitated over £3 billion in contracted services.

G-Cloud is an initiative to assist SME’s to provide services to the public sector in the UK.  It simplifies the procurement so that buyers and sellers of cloud services and digital outcomes can do business more easily, and execute contracts faster and more cost effectively. The Digital Marketplace provides detailed information on services, pricing, security and support alongside other vendor information.

The UK Digital Marketplace makes it easier for organisations to identify potential vendors at a detailed level, so they can better match their specific requirements to the services suppliers offer. In this way the marketplace reduces the time and effort required for buyers to find the right suppliers, and for suppliers to support querying by buyers more efficiently at scale.

Tactiv’s Enquire software is registered and approved under the cloud software framework of the UK Digital Marketplace.

Using the UK Digital Marketplace buyers and suppliers benefit from downloadable and standardised contract templates and other legal documents. Suppliers are already signed on to standard terms and conditions as part of the G-Cloud registration and approval for listing.

Being an approved supplier on G-Cloud 10 will make it easier for public sector clients in the UK to do business with Tactiv.  This will also provide a reference point for clients in other Commonwealth countries along with our registration on the Australian Government Digital Marketplace.

Tactiv has been an approved supplier under the G-Cloud 9 framework and now offers an extended range of services under the new G-Cloud 10 framework. Find more information on Enquire’s G-Cloud service offering here.

More information on the UK Digital Marketplace can be found at https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk.

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